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Home Gay Rights Will the GOP ever figure out how to deal with gay Republicans?

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Will the GOP ever figure out how to deal with gay Republicans?

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gay republicans

I quit the Republican Party primarily because of how the GOP deals with immigrants but the fact of the matter is that they also have problems with gay Republicans.  And I didn’t like that either.

The shame of it is that there was a time when many gays were Republicans but as the GOP turned on them, right around when the AIDS crisis exploded, most gay political activists became Democrats.

The irony in this mess is that many gay political activists are themselves immigrant-bashers, which seems nuts but I have run into this time and again.

The problem gay Republicans have run into with their own party is that many other Republicans are social conservatives.  Their anti-gay views are rooted in religious beliefs.

My advice to gay Republicans is to leave the party and become Libertarians.  Why get frustrated dealing with a party that will never truly appreciate you?

At the same time I think it is pointless for gay Republicans to attack their fellow Republicans over these views.  In your face gay activism is, quite frankly, annoying.  Folks have a right to their views and free speech is something we should all hold dear.

Gay issues aside there are other issues where all Republicans can find agreement and that is what they should focus on rather than tussling over matters they will never agree on.

I personally believe that in time our young people will continue to become more socially tolerant and they will gravitate towards Libertarian, not socially conservative, views.  In another generation or so we won’t even remember these silly social wars.

If you are reading this and you are yourself a frustrated gay Republican please consider attending the Libertarian Party of Orange County’s Business Meeting on Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014, from 7 pm – 10 pm at the Karl Strauss Brewery, located at 901 South Coast Drive, in Costa Mesa.  This isn’t our general meeting but folks are welcome to attend and see how we handle our business.  There is plenty of time to chat before and afterwards.

While I intend to stay in the Libertarian Party I have no problem working with Republicans and Democrats whenever we can find common cause. A perfect example of this is what is going on in Anaheim, where I am supporting a broad multi-partisan coalition that is supporting Mayor Tom Tait and backing Ward-Specific City Council elections.  While we may not all agree on divisive issues like gay marriage we can all agree that Curt Pringle and his cabal are bad for Anaheim and bad for Orange County!

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4 Responses

  1. Daniel Lamb

    I’m sorry, but not promoting the idea that gay people are inherently child molesters… that is not exactly concession. Sometimes it is not a political issue, but a personality issue.


    The OCGOP leadership needs to learn to share. I ran into Jeff Letourneau a committee member at the OC DEM with his smooth new Asian “boi toy” this weekend. Only to learn that his new Boi was none other than prominent county democrat and former senate candidate Greg Diamond’s little brother in law! NOW that’s Sharing!

    Imagine if the GOP could get Susan Kangs little brother to date!

    • “Only to learn that his new Boi was none other than prominent county democrat and former senate candidate Greg Diamond’s little brother in law!”……….. Hmmmmmm

      FYI, Esq. Diamond does not share his imported “house toy” with no one,


        Well Exile, You would be well advised to look at the Facebook pages of both, “Daddy” and “Boi” and check craigslist posts under m4mm for listings in BREA for “KINKY DAD SEEKING 3RD TO TRAIN BOI”. That might lend some credence to the claim.

        Or maybe, just visit one of the FJC bars in North OC and look for the “Nasty Dad” stalking young Asian men. Who knew, he only needed to ask his fellow DPOC brethren about young smooth gay Asians……..