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Home Matt Cunningham Why did the Voice of OC allow Matt Cunningham to write op-eds for them?

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Why did the Voice of OC allow Matt Cunningham to write op-eds for them?

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Matt Cunningham wrote for the Voice of OC

Anaheim blogger Matt Cunningham on Friday resigned from the county Parks Commission and apparently lost two Orange County Transportation Authority contracts totaling nearly $100,000, the latest repercussions from a post he wrote that mocked Latino mourning traditions, according to the Voice of OC.

The Voice of OC has been beating Cunningham up since he stupidly made fun of Latino families in Anaheim whose children have been slain by Anaheim police officers.  But the question remains – why did the Voice of OC previously ask Cunningham to write for them as a member of their Community Editorial Board?

That’s right – Cunningham was prominently featured on the Voice of OC.  Click here for an example of his work (which I am sure they will be scrubbing soon). 

Matt Cunningham, Voice of OC Communicty Editorial Board

When I first noticed that Cunningham was writing for the Voice of OC I immediately emailed their Editor, Norberto Santana, and asked him why he was allowing Cunningham to contribute to his website. He never responded.

It’s not like Cunningham was an Angel before his latest faux pas.  He previously outed victims of Catholic molestation, while he was defending a Monsignor, John Urell, who himself covered up for molesters.  At the time Urell had been appointed to a County Commission by then OC Supervisor Bill Campbell, who later hired Cunningham’s wife, Laura, as his Chief of Staff.  Urell had to resign that County post – just as Cunningham himself had to resign today from the OC Parks Commission.

Cunningham was also caught red-handed overbilling the OC Children and Families Commission, which was reported by the famed Friends of Fullerton’s Future blog.


Original VOC Community Editorial Board

Laura Cunningham also headed up the Latino outreach efforts for the gay-bashing Prop. 8.  Yet the Voice of OC allowed Cunningham to write for them.  It is amazing really.  How in the world did the Voice of OC, and Santana specifically, ever believe that Cunningham at all represented the community when he is nothing more than a paid flak for Curt Pringle and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce?

Remember this as the Voice of OC bloviates about Cunningham.  Sure he is a dirtbag but so are the folks at the Voice of OC who initially were enamored of him.  We knew better and now so does everyone else.

In the interest of full disclosure, Santana threatened to sue me today, via email, if I ever again run any of his material, even though he had agreed in a previous email to allow us to run his material.  Costa Mesa blogger Geoff West initiated Santana’s action, for whatever reason.

Our intentions have always been crystal clear.  We believe in good government.  We don’t like politicians who rip off the taxpayers and we particularly dislike folks like Cunningham, who as the FFFF bloggers put it, sucks hard at the teat of the welfare state.

So why does Santana suddenly have it out for us?  Lord only knows.  He really needs to decide what he stands for.  He brought Cunningham on board the Voice of OC.  There simply is no excusing that.

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16 Responses

  1. Jim

    Cunningham and Frank Ury are two peas in a pod. Both Pringle operatives !

  2. Mr. Invincible has fallen. As to why he was allowed to write for Voice is only known by insiders.. Matt and I often crossed swords when I was writing for the Orange Juice blog.
    I am glad that he has been removed from public office and lost one or more contracts. His conduct warrants the punishment.

    • “His conduct warrants the punishment”………… Hmmmmmmm

      I suggest 40 lashes on his fat ass!

      He was one of the first bloggers who banned me, in may capacity as the Santa Ana Mayoral candidate, from His Red Crapola blog because I have publish truth about Mr. Gordon and Mr. Pedroza who were all the big RAINO coalition those days.

      I believe that you have been second moron mongoloid who hated my constitutional rights at the OrangeJuiceBlog so one day you too deserve some punishment, maybe 80 lashes on your fat ass.

      Oh’ I forgot, you as a private citizen do not need to observe the Constitution, only the government must.

      That kind of sick believe manifested itself in the latest A&E fiasco where A&E Jews and Homosexuals banned your Christian crapola speech and now you demand constitutional rights……… Huh?

      One day you all will regret your treading over the USA Constitution and hating its spirit in order to satisfy your sick blogging ego.

      But, I enjoy when my opposition destroying itself.

      The time is on my side!

  3. Wait … Geoff “initiated” Norberto threatening to sue you for “cross-posting?” This sounds convoluted. Call me.

    And tell Norberto to get his damn RSS feed working. That’s more important than keeping people from cross-posting.

  4. Stanley Fiala

    “In the interest of full disclosure, Santana threatened to sue me today, via email, if I ever again run any of his material, even though he had agreed in a previous email to allow us to run his material. Costa Mesa blogger Geoff West initiated Santana’s action, for whatever reason.”…………………….. Hmmmmmmmm

    Not to wary Editor, a lawsuit is the double edge sword!

    Not withstanding the fact that you would prevail against this vexatious litigant Norberto based on, but not limited to, several affirmative defenses, frivolousness of his action and the Anti-SLAPP motion, in addition, in a deposition on your likely counter claim you would gain access to all Norberto’s, VOC, Unions and DOES 1-50 Hard Drives, which would be a golden mine into the Voice of OC covered operations, quid pro quo and Orange County political dirt.

    I wish that this Norberto character would send me summons instead!…….. I would feed dude, including DOES 1-50, the barrel of the salt spoon by spoon.

  5. OK, let’s clarify this situation…. I saw the piece by Norberto on this blog and thought it strange that he would be writing for Pedroza. Only when I got down to the end of it did I realize that Art had poached the piece verbatim from the Voice Of OC. So, I wrote to him inquiring about the proper protocol in this kind of a situation – lifting it from another source without proper identification – and copied Norberto. Art responded by saying, “I have a standing arrangement with him to use his work.” I responded courtously by saying, “Thanks… have a great holiday”, and was done with it – until I received a copy of Norberto’s message to Art revoking permission to reprint their stories.

    I’ve written to Art previously about this kind of stuff because I’ve noticed it in the past. He’s an old hand at this blogging game and I was curious about the protocols.

    Personally, if I use information taken from another source I give it attribution and, when possible, link to the original document so my readers can get it “straight from the horses mouth”.

    I’d appreciate some guidance here from other bloggers… what’s your thought on this issue? Is it OK to snatch an entire article without permission or attribution?

    • Give me a break. You didn’t have to copy Norberto. You were looking to cause me trouble. Well mission accomplished. Please dont contact me in any way ever again. You’re a mealy-mouthed troublemaker. The truth is that we support the Costa Mesa Council Members that you dislike. Guess what? We will continue to do so.

      • Is this West Geoff dude a lawyer?
        I believe that him and Greg “Golem” Diamond were having some beef about West doing something unethical with Craigslist to gain clicks on his crapola articles posted in the Orange Juice Blog.
        I recall that West was fired by Esq. Diamond from the blog.
        Obviously, West must be total moron mongoloid if he gets fired by Diamond for bad writing.

        • LOL! Good catch Fiala. His reward is that from now on I will work overtime to make sure every candidate that he opposes ends up winning.

          • Of course, you and old Stan are wrong – again. Never wrote for the OJ – ever. Declined the invitation. Never “fired” by anybody, much less Greg Diamond. This thread, and the intrusive video ads, are the reason I seldom visit this site. I’d rather spend my time where facts are not treated as a nuisance. You’re a small man, Mr. Editor, and your reaction to this situation fully demonstrates that. Have a nice Christmas. Adios…

    • Hey West, have you even answered for the “inaccurate and exaggerated” charges you’ve made against Jim Righeimer? See our long ago post on your bloggery here: http://ocpoliticsblog.com/costa-mesas-whiner-in-chief/.

  6. Exactly!….. His ego would sufice.