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Why are college faculty funding John Williams’ latest campaign?

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Chancellor Raghu Mathur, Orange County Supervisor Bill Campbell and John Williams

Do you remember John Williams?  He resigned in February of this year from his elected position as the Orange County Public Administrator.  He had good reason to do so.

“Williams had been in the headlines since 2009, when a pair of grand jury reports harshly criticized the management of his office. Then in 2010 he became a key figure in the controversial firing of former Assistant District Attorney Todd Spitzer, who had been investigating allegations that Williams, in his role as public guardian, had inappropriately moved to take over an elderly woman’s estate,” according to the Voice of OC.

Now Williams is running for Area 7 of the South Orange County Community College District’s Board of Trustees. Thank God that he is opposed!  But here is the kicker.  Guess who is funding his campaign?  The faculty union and South Orange County Taxpayers for Quality Education , which I believe is made up of Saddleback faculty members.  Click here to see proof of this.

Have these teachers lost their minds?  Why in the world would they back a hack like Williams?

Here are a few more excerpts about this creep:

  • Naturally, none of these candidates, including Williams, will have the notorious “incumbent advantage.” Williams will, however, have the “known rat bastard” disadvantage.  Plus anyone who sees his standard “used-car salesman” headshot will certainly vote for any available alternative. (Dissent the Blog)
  • However, forgotten in the bizarre story of his County position is the fact that Williams resigned as a Trustee of the South Orange County Community College District on December 2, 2010, effective December 31, 2010.  Williams was unable to make any attempt to rescind this resignation, as Education Code Section 5090 clearly states, “A written resignation, whether specifying a deferred effective date or otherwise, shall, upon being filed with the county superintendent of schools be irrevocable.”  Two weeks after the Williams resignation took effect, the SOCCCD Board appointed Dr. Frank “Mike” Meldau to replace Williams. (OC Political Blog)
  • “John Williams has breached the public trust by mismanaging taxpayer resources and will be ineffective in addressing the major challenges our community colleges face over the next decade,” said Mission Viejo Mayor Frank Ury. (OC Political Blog)
  • “I previously supported John Williams with the belief he would be an honest leader for the community college district,” said Gila Jones, Housing Commissioner, City of San Juan Capistrano. “I was wrong.” (OC Political Blog)
  • “John Williams is unfit to serve again in public office,” said Orange County Supervisor-elect and former Assistant District Attorney Todd Spitzer.  “He has repeatedly engaged in public corruption which was documented in two blistering Grand Jury reports.  He was fired by the Orange County Board of Supervisors and then sued the County when he tried to break his deal to leave the County.  Enough is enough.  Do not vote for John Williams.” (OC Political Blog)

I have endorsed Dr. Mike Moodian for Area 7 of the South Orange County Community College District’s Board of Trustees. He is a lifelong South Orange County resident who served in the California Army National Guard, completed an associate’s degree at Saddleback College, earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees at California State University, Fullerton and graduated from Pepperdine University with a doctorate degree in education.

The Republican establishment is backing a guy named Tim Jemal for Area 7.  He works in public affairs which means he is basically another lobbyist type.  No thanks.  I will go with the watchdog – Moodian.

Don’t forget that the Republican establishment is why Williams was elected to several offices in the first place…

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  1. Here’s what happened. During the summer, the union PAC met and decided to recommend endorsing Williams and paying for his filing fees. When membership learned of this, many were outraged. The upshot: the union refrained from endorsing anyone for the Area 7 seat. By then, however, the union had already paid for Williams’ filing fees (something between 5 and 6K). The group of faculty responsible for the summer action were the same people who controlled the union in the mid-to-late 90s, when the union made a deal to support a slate of “fiscally conservative” trustee candidates in exchange for (essentially) high faculty salaries (esp. for senior faculty). Through considerable effort, that group–the “old guard”–was eventually thrown out of power by about 2000. Unfortunately, by then, the leadership had managed to support the likes of Don Wagner, Nancy Padberg, and finally Tom Fuentes, setting the stage for much Sturm und Drang until Wagner and Fuentes exited the scene in recent years.