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Walters has more cash and endorsements even if Moorlach is winning in secret polling

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John Moorlach for Congress

John Moorlach is ahead in name ID and in raw results in his campaign for the 45th Congressional District, according to a poll that was referenced by Scott Carpenter, over at the OC Political blog. Carpenter wrote that “when respondents are asked about Mimi Walter’s car tax vote, Moorlach is WAY ahead.”  That makes sense to me.  OC residents don’t like politicians who vote to increase our taxes.

But Walters is far ahead when it comes to raking in the cash.  She has raised $623,756 according to our friends at Around the Capitol.  Moorlach has only raised $46,313 and the third candidate, Greg Raths, who is also a Republican, has raised $42,729.

Republicans dominate the 45th C.D., which these three Republican candidates are vying for.  The GOP makes up 44% of the vote compared to only 28% of the vote for the moribund OC Democratic Party.  And 23% of the voters are Decline to State.

Two years ago a Tea Party candidate, John Webb, got 17K votes while the incumbent Republican, John Campbell, won with over 54K votes.  The Democrat in that race, Irvine’s Sukhee Kang, tanked with 35K votes.

Moorlach might be ahead in the polls but he is going to have to raise more money, and soon, if he wants to beat Walters.

Greg Raths and Andrew Blount

As for Raths, he has recently picked up the support of Laguna Hills Mayor Andrew Blount and media personality Star Parker, according to his website.  He has not raised a ton of money but I know that is a focus of his campaign and he is out walking precincts every day.  He could sell himself as a reasonable outsider in a race dominated by two insiders.

What about Walters?  Besides all that cash she has raked in the most endorsements too.  Moorlach and Raths won’t be able to beat her if they can’t raise the money to overwhelm her – and I have a feeling she is going to be dropping a ton of mail in this campaign.

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6 Responses

  1. Raths has people like Gail Reavis endorsing him; Reavis tried to sue Mission Viejo for a little over $10,000,000 while she was on the city council so she fits completely with the amazing lack of ethics and integrity, not to mention honesty, that Raths has demonstrated.

  2. And Moorlach doesn’t have Carona to help him raise money any more, at least for another year or so.

  3. David Zenger

    Moorlach has some challenges vis-a-vis the Culture of Corruption at the County. He may not be directly tied to people like Bustamante, but, he is a Supervisor. And Supervisors are paid to be supervising something.

    Then there are all the usual “district prerogative” votes. If Walters needs ammo, it’s already there.