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Troy Edgar’s Still Not Clear on Taxes vs. Fees

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Credit: Let's Fix Los Al Blog

Credit: Let’s Fix Los Al Blog

We passed this OC Watchdog piece, Wastewater district to increase rates, onto our friends in Los Alamitos as ex-Los Al Mayor Troy Edgar is up to his usual tricks.  It’s astonishing how little regard this hoaxer has for his constituents, neighbors and anyone who would still consider voting for him in the future.

Edgar’s having a bad year — he quit the 47th District Congressional race this year once he figured out he hadn’t a chance against experienced professionals like Alan Lowenthal and Gary DeLong.  Thinking he could beat a bunch of nobodies in the 72nd Assembly race, he lowered his sights and went for it, after collecting a bucketful of endorsements from the GOP’s old guard and a bunch of Mayors who should’ve known better.  He spent well into six-figures going after a $90k/pa job in the Assembly’s Republican super-minority, but got beat in a landslide by 11.4 points by a complete rookie running his first ever race in a District with no incumbent.  Edgar couldn’t even win his own city.

Troy Edgar -- the GOP's 2011 "Tax Fighter of the Year"

Troy Edgar — the OC GOP’s 2011 “Tax Fighter of the Year”

As the Head Flush at the OC Sanitation District, Edgar’s slammed the seat gavel down and is passing off a $70 annual increase as a fee instead of a tax per the Let’s Fix Los Al blog: It’s not a tax increase by Edgar.  Edgar used a similar tactic when trying to fool his city electorate into increasing their TUT (telephone) tax by fallaciously calling it a decrease.  Unfortunately, he succeeded with that ruse, but their new Mayor is not a low-information voter, saw thru it immediately, and is looking into killing it.

Edgar’s even trying to muzzle the San Board.  Per the Register, they were told “If you are contacted by a reporter, please refer the request to me for response, so that we can maintain a consistent message”, meaning keep your mouth shut, I’ll speak for you.  The Register also quoted a San District spokeshole as saying Edgar “was unavailable during the holidays to discuss the proposed rate increase” — maybe it’s time for a recall to make him unavailable for the next two years to Los Alamitos as well.



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4 Responses

  1. Whoa there. Mr. Edgar is on the San District because for the last few years he has been in charge of the majority that supported sending him there where he could build his power base.

    I believe at the next meeting the City of Los Alamitos will do re-appointments. Considering that Mr. Edgar no longer controls a three seat majority, and that he seems to think that he still wears a crown and believes in managing the message rather than telling the people the truth and letting them decide for themselves, I know that I will be asking for a different member of City Council to go to the San District and I suspect that Mr. Edgar will not be sitting in the seat by the public meeting date.

    As for a recall. As of right now there is NOTHING to recall Mr. Edgar on that would motivate the community to do the recall (please note the qualifier, it’s about the community doing a recall, not whether Mr. Edgar deserves it. Any one can run for public office. Heck they can drop $310,000 of their own money doing it, but that doesn’t mean that they can win. It’s not about whether a recall can be filed, but about whether or not it could be won). I won’t say that Mr. Edgar won’t ever be recalled as that is digging my own hole to be buried in. When enough evidence piles up to show that a public representative should no longer be representing the public, then the system allows for a recall. As we saw in the Assembly election, if Mr. Edgar has enough rope, he tends to hang himself. I’m all for providing as much slack in the line as we can and see where it takes him.

    • Disagree. There was more than enough malfeasance and dirty dealing just in the trash hauler contract manipulation, law suit (a $600 loss?) and final award to have blown Edgar off the Council.

      • I didn’t say that there was no reason. I was very clear in stating that ” there is NOTHING to recall Mr. Edgar on that would motivate the community to do the recall”.

        It’s not whether you CAN do it. You CAN always do it. It is a mater if you CAN win if you do it. That is the key,

        There is an ever growing list of malfeasance, dereliction of duty to the community, selling out to further his own agenda, etc. that a case could be made, but the case today is all insider baseball. It would mater to those that follow city politics and are informed, but not to the uninformed voters who will be told that this will cost thousands of dollars, and serves no purpose since Edgar is no longer in the majority (one of the things you do in a campaign – and a recall is a campaign – is devils advocate the other sides position and arguments. If yours are not clearly stronger, then you won’t get it past the people.).

        Motivating a “win” from a populace that has to be informed would take more effort than waiting for one of the many axes that Edgar has thrown into the air to fall and hit himself.

        Will it be the Trash deal? Will it be creating fictional city records? Will it be…? Who knows what will be the axe that floats down? But, that there will be a point where Mr. Edgar will have to answer to the voters within the next two years? That’s a higher probability “yes” than “no”. That time may be coming, and it may not require anything more than the right rock to be turned over.

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