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Troy Edgar, OC GOP’s 2011 Tax Fighter of the Year Wants a Big One

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The OC Register’s Editorial staff is on a roll, looking hard at candidates, Ballot Measures and Initiatives before Election Day.  This morning, after prominently featuring a Howard Jarvis/Jon Coupal anti-local tax piece, they’ve nailed Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar for trying to deceive his residents with a decreased Telephone Users Tax.  What’s hidden in the Ballot Measure’s text, City Attorney’s opinion, Ballot Argument (no one apparently filed an opposing Argument) and other documentation is that this one percent reduction (6% -> 5%) in their existing Telephone Utility Tax no longer applies to JUST ordinary copper land lines, but ALSO, now, to cell phones and ANY form of “telecommunications services”, even pre-paid 99-Cent Store calling cards.  This tax might also apply to cable and satellite TV.

Given the opportunity to tax a lucrative source by legally obligating cell phone providers like Verizon to pony up tribute from their Los Al individual and business accounts, Edgar’s team is trying to hide this Measure as a modernization or update of the current  TUT.  To make it palatable and sound reductive, they drop it by one percent (maybe they should have said 100 basis points, that’s a LOT).  But oh-by-the-way, we’re now taxing you cell phone.  And your wife’s.  And the children’s.  And for local businesses, if they provide them, their sales or service staff phones are levied.  Internet users might or might not be taxed in a number of ways, and the city may, if they’re technically savvy, be looking for their “fair share” (aren’t you tired of hearing THAT nonsense) of those Skype, Magic Jack and Google Voice calls that are so easily made over ordinary in-home broadband connections.  “T-1″ service, the very high-speed, high-capacity voice and data circuits used by medium- to large-scale businesses in Los Al won’t be exempt either.

The most deceptive part of the Tax Fighter’s scheme is he can’t say what it will suck out of little Los Al’s 12k+ residents and all those business parks along Los Alamitos Blvd.  We can bet it will come in far higher than the middling $640k the TUT is collecting now.

Hizzoner, the Tax Fighter with OC GOP Chair Scott Baugh

As the current candidate for the 72nd Assembly District, Edgar promises he won’t raise taxes, but he also won’t sign the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge.  Apparently his clone, the Mayor of Los Alamitos makes no such commitment and sees this shifty Measure as a way to fund a variety of projects that the Register names — let’s all not miss the Sugar Beet Festival or the community gardens he’s planning to have with the money.

We wonder if the OC GOP will be handing anyone the 2012 Tax Fighter of the Year award (there’s no mention of any years’ awards anywhere on the OC GOP website) — they must not be very proud of it as their last selection didn’t impress.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    What a smart crook, lower taxes but more taxes on 3 times as many items. Looks like a tax increase to me, if it is needed fine just put it out there, tell the truth, oh I forget it is Troy the Boy from Los Al

  2. While I may be upset with the underhanded way that Edgar has created this (It’s a sales job, that’s why he lowered it from 6 to 5%, to sell the deal, that’s his words, not mine).

    The measure should read, “An updating of the TUT” and the explanation should read “When the TUT was put in place telecommunications were limited to landlines and those landlines were billed at time and distance. Today telecommunications is no longer limited to landlines and the billing system for most is flat rate. It is important that the tax system be taxing all users of telecommunications fairly within our city. The changes to the code will ensure that everyone pays their fair share.”

    That is HONEST. What Edgar did was use fear (we may lose vital city services like police and fire as well as rec) if we don’t create this NEW tax… so you will like it better, we will give you 1% back.

    Rather than correct the old TUT for new technology advances and deal with the fact that these advances have lowered the cost or rates and plans over the last 10+ years… and that there are two classes of telecommunications users, the taxed (landlines) and the untaxed (everything else) Edgar has made this whole thing a “sales” job (his words again) where he has to attempt to trick people into doing what they should do and give them a present on top of it.

    I’m voting against it because it stinks. It’s dishonest and underhanded. Of course it is. It was done by Troy Edgar.