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Tim Donnelly running for Governor

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480389_328859517222844_1151764077_nIf it’s on Facebook, it must be true.  Tim Donnelly posted this graphic this afternoon.

The LA Times wrote Donnelly, a conservative Assemblyman from Hesperia, was considering the run in a story November last.  Always the liberal rag, the Times “reported”:

Conservative Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Hesperia), a vehement activist against illegal immigration, has told colleagues he intends to make a bid for the job in 2014, the Ventura County Star reported.  Donnelly may not be the ideal standard bearer for Republicans looking to remake the party’s image in the wake of devastating electoral losses over the last decade. Currently, no Republicans hold statewide office in California and their numbers have fallen below one-third in both houses of the Legislature.

Donnelly was a frequent guest on KFI’s John and Ken Show last year, especially after he proposed AB-26, an illegal immigration bill, and spoke to abolishing the California Air Resources Board.  Donnelly was also a vocal opponent of the mega-expensive California High-Speed Rail project that Governor Brown insists on building with money he won’t possibly find and on land the State doesn’t own.

The GOP could do a lot worse (and has).

From a Sacramento Bee interview last year, Donnelly, a former Minuteman, is quoted:  “I believe that we as Californians can do heck of a lot better than Jerry Brown or anyone who wants to step into his footsteps, I don’t care whether its Kamala Harris or Tony Villaraigosa or Gavin Newsom,” he said of the possible Democratic contenders in 2014.  “They’re all going to push for the same ideas and I think California can do a lot better.”


Fox News covered Donnelly’s potential candidacy in December: California Republican eyeing governorship hit for hard-line illegal immigration stance.

We’re intrigued that someone’s come forward at this early opportunity to confront Brown and the possibility the clown will be running for a fourth term.

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16 Responses

  1. Wow…. Pedroza has REALLY come full circle here…

    • Not my work amigo. I voted for Brown and unless the GOP comes up with a candidate who doesn’t bash immigrants I will do so again.

      • Well, amigo, I REALLY think you shouldn’t just let any crazy person post as “editor” here. Can’t they come up with different handles? I had a feeling you didn’t write this, but a LOT of people will think you did.

        Okay.. NOW it says John Fields. It didn’t before. Later….

        • It is not a perfect system but this way my friends and associates can post here without getting stalked by your liberal friends. Makes sense, right?

  2. I met this Donnelly character a long time ago, before he got into office. Remember Art – when you helped me and Paco get into that Joe Arpaio fundraiser for Bill Hunt, at Sutra in Costa Mesa? Donnelly was there, introduced himself to me and gave me his card, boasted that he was the head of San Bernardino’s Minutemen and running for Assembly! I shook his hand, said good luck, and didn’t think I’d ever hear from him again. But sure enough he won, the biggest kook in a crowded GOP that year, in the year – 2010 – that was the high water mark for immigrant bashing.

    He’s sure got himself a lot of press since then, as a wingnut curiosity akin to Orly Taitz or Wiley Drake.

    It’s surprising that you have an anti-immigrant blogger here, let alone someone who thinks that’s a helpful direction for the GOP to go.

    • I don’t mind some diversity of opinions. That was what made the OJ blog great back in the day.

      • And makes it great now. Still, even back in the day you and I wouldn’t have given Michelle Quinn an account.

        • The guy who wrote this post is a great writer. I can overlook a post like this from time to time.

          You have no right to complain as your blogger Diamond is incredibly offensive.

          • If you say so. And sometimes we have it out, which makes our blog interesting.

            Which brings up the million-dollar question: Where is YOUR spirited disagreement with this “great writer,” this “John Fields,” that a Minuteman would make a fine California governor, or even an acceptable standard-bearer for the California GOP?


          • anon

            LOL…after Art’s evisceration of David Benavides for honoring Lupe Moreno, he’s got the stones to defend having a former Minuteman write on his blog. Hypocrite is too mild a word for it.

            • No Minutemen write for this blog. I do have one Republican blogger. I may not often agree with the GOP but as a county political blog we aren’t going to shut out that viewpoint. As it is there are already too many liberal blogs in the O.C.

          • anon

            I stand corrected…you have someone writing on a blog you own who thinks a former Minuteman would make a great Governor.

            You’ll do anything for a blog hit.