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Home 2012 Elections Updated: How will Agran pay back Daigle for being his GOP decoy candidate?

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Updated: How will Agran pay back Daigle for being his GOP decoy candidate?

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Update: The OC Weekly’s Scott Moxley has uncovered evidence that Irvine mayoral candidate Larry Agran paid off a previous fake Republican candidate, Earle Zucht, in 2004.  So how will Agran pay back this year’s decoy GOP candidate, Katherine Daigle?  Read about that here.

Orange County’s best investigative reporter, the OC Weekly’s R. Scott Moxley, has done it again.  This time he has exposed Irvine mayoral candidate Katherine Daigle for what she is – a Larry Agran plant meant to split the GOP vote so Councilman Steven Choi will lose.

Here are a few excerpts from Moxley’s groundbreaking post, which also reveals GOP consultant Adam Probolsky as yet another paid Agran shill (Probolsky responded on his Facebook page with this comment: “Crap publication @ocweekly blog post on #Irvine politics mentions me, has 12% facts/truth and 88% made up/fake news.”  You wish Adam – you’re now exposed!):

Documents obtained by the Weekly prove Larry Agran‘s liberal, Democrat political machine, the one that has ruled over Republican-heavy Irvine for 12 consecutive years, already secretly stole next month’s election so it can keep power for at least two more years.

The documents–a series of emails spanning a recent two-month period–outline how a Republican Agran ally and corporate lobbyist lured a decoy Republican candidate into the mayoral race to siphon critical votes away from legitimate Republican contender Steve Choi, a move that assures Agran of winning the Nov. 6 election.

A Republican businesswoman, Katherine Daigle‘s political claim to fame is that she won a slot on her neighborhood association board. Earlier this year, she announced she would seek a seat on the Irvine City Council. The odds of her grabbing public office weren’t great, but they also weren’t impossible. She was one of seven candidates vying for potentially three open council seats.

In early August, on the last day to officially declare candidacy, Daigle abruptly switched to the Choi-Agran race, a contest she has no chance of winning–or even grabbing second place. In addition to enjoying the get-out-the-vote resources of their respective parties, both men are political veterans who’ll each spend significantly more than $200,000. Daigle’s campaign, on the other hand, has received on average less than $16 per day for a contribution grand total of just $825. The one undeniable impact of her move to the mayor’s race is to cripple Choi by robbing him of thousands of votes he needs to win.

Click here to read the rest of this article.

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