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The OC Public Administrator will be absorbed by the OCDA

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District Attorney-Public Administrator Consolidation

By Supervisor Shawn Nelson, Chairman of the OC Board of Supervisors

On a 3-2 vote, the Board opted to combine the vacant office of the Public Administrator with the District Attorney. Pending a second reading and adoption to be held on Tuesday, February 4th, the position will appear as a combined office on the June 3 primary election.

Based on State legislation, Orange County is precluded from combining three or more county offices. Therefore, the other three options (Clerk-Recorder, Sheriff-Coroner and Treasurer-Tax Collector), which have already combined two offices, prevents adding a third. Moreover, because the county charter is silent on the consolidation of county offices, Orange County is subject to California state law on the issue. More information on county offices consolidation may be viewed here and here.

The Office of the Orange County Public Administrator serves the public by managing the estates of Orange County residents who died without a will or without the appropriate person willing or able to act as executor. This includes the estates of persons who died and the next of kin cannot be located.

Please click here for the language of the proposed ordinance.

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4 Responses

  1. Jerry Patterson

    Bad idea! The two jobs are inherently incompatible. The District Attorney has more than enough to do in the criminal field. Different laws apply in criminal matters and he/she is an elected official.. The public Administrator handles civil matters and is not elected. This position is best overseen by the Board of Supes who deal with civil matters.

    • I totally agree , BOS should know better , there is personal reasons behind this move . The best friends sticking together for wrong reasons going back to JWilliams fans . The Department should be under OC Sheriffs Dept Coroner like other Counties or HCA like other Counties . Dan Diego , Riverside and
      LA County . Also Santa Barbara by Mental Health . Check Websites out to confirm Data . I other option for sure would be County Counsel (the best)

      None favoritism options are available . That’s for sure , but do they like them!
      Probably not , Our vulnerable & deceased deserve the best . ,

  2. Bad idea for another reason. I’ll miss the mud-slinging this could have been between two conservative Republicans and the liberals being blamed by the Libertarians.

  3. CrossEyed

    MORE reasons to nix this plan – The current administrations’ practice of politiczed selective myopia for cop killings, support of Asset Forfeiture and disregard for Taxpayer $$$ stewardship in further pushing the ‘NO pervs in Parks’ grandstand despite court defeats, are RED FLAGS for a public expecting impartial fiduciary duty in this position. So how and why are there NO other alternatives?