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Home Anaheim The O.C. Register refuses to run an ad slamming Anaheim Council Members

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The O.C. Register refuses to run an ad slamming Anaheim Council Members

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Murray and Eastman ad

The Orange County Register abruptly altered its advertising policy, barring ads that challenge politicians by name, after two Anaheim city councilwomen complained to the newspaper’s new owners about ads from a local activist that criticized their support of a controversial hotel subsidy, according to the Voice of OC.

The Voice of OC reported that “The ads came from Jason Young, a City Hall blogger who opposes the council majority, which is heavily backed by Disney and other influential local business interests. In December, the Register ran an ad submitted by Young in its Anaheim weekly publications asserting that Councilwomen Kris Murray and Gail Eastman violated state law when they approved a $158-million subsidy for local hoteliers.”

The OC Register’s new publisher, Aaron Kushner, says he won’t run negative political ads.  The ad in question is factually correct by the way as a Judge found that the Anaheim City Council violated the Brown Act when they voted to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize the construction of two new hotels at the Anaheim GardenWalk.

Kushner, Murray and Eastman should be ashamed of themselves!  But even though the ad won’t run on the OC Register this story is going to break big and embarrass the lot of them…

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5 Responses

  1. Dave Davis

    If the Register is troubled with what looks to be a fairly honest ad about local issues that are easily verifiable, what then is their policy toward advertisers with questionable business practices? Three examples are worth citing, two general and one specific.

    The Register regularly advertises for gold brokers. These folks will tell you how valuable it is as a commodity and that you better own some. But the price of gold has dropped dramatically recently, and no one seems to warn Register subscribers that they might lose their shirt.

    The Register regularly does a lot of advertising for a company named CNS Trials which conducts clinical studies for everything from depression to hang nails. I’ve checked them out, and they’re a very questionable firm that doesn’t follow through with folks who speak with them about legitimate clinical issues. I’d be very suspicious of this company.

    Another example where the Register seems to be doing a public service, but might be screwing its advertisers is their regular weekend feature where they report restaurant closures (due to vermin, sewage overflows and lack of hot water). If they can do that, why can’t a legitimate advertiser like Young have his paid say? He’s not slandering anyone and seems to have his facts straight.

  2. Thank you Dave. – Jason Young

  3. I publish a regular blog covering issues in Brea, “Brea Matters.” I speak often with locals, politicians and yes, OCR staff writers. The latter, since the changeover, are even more handcuffed than were their predecessors. I’m hardly a fan of dirty politics and malicious mud slinging, but when the facts are irrefutable the truth deserves to be heard.