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Home 2014 Elections The new director of the OC Labor Federation is bad news for moderate Democrats

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The new director of the OC Labor Federation is bad news for moderate Democrats

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Julio Perez and Lorri Galloway

When longtime OC Labor Federation head Tefere Gebre was nominated to become executive vice president of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, failed Assembly candidate Julio Perez stepped in as the OCLF’s interim director.  Perez was unanimously elected earlier this month as Gebre’s permanent replacement, according to the OC Weekly.

But Perez’ appointment might be very bad news for local moderate Democrats.  Perez told the OC Weekly that “I know some people will measure me by how many elections we influence or how we change city councils,” he says. “But I don’t give a sh*t about elections. I don’t give a sh*t about how many Democrats we get into office. I do care about people who will enact policy. We have a saying in the movement: ‘We have permanent issues, not permanent friends.’

Perez is being honest about this.  When he ran for the 69th Assembly District in 2012, as a suspected carpetbagger, he ensured that the Latino vote would be split between him and Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez, ensuring that Tom Daly, the former Mayor of Anaheim (with a sordid anti-Latino and anti-poor families record) would advance to the general election.  That is exactly what happened.

Now you can figure that Perez won’t be endorsing moderate Democrats like Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido.  But you know what?  They probably don’t need Perez or his union organization.

While Orange County is becoming more blue, and more independent, I don’t see a major push in the direction of Perez’ liberal politics.  If anything the Democrats stand to lose at least one or two legislative seats in 2014, as we outlined in an earlier post. ObamaCare and the NSA scandal figure to hurt the Democrats, particularly the liberal ones who backed ObamaCare.

So will Perez actually accomplish anything as the new leader of the OCLF?  We don’t think so.

It is too bad that Perez is so liberal.  The only Democrats that can win in Orange County are the moderates.  But Perez will do his best to hurt them and he will waste millions of labor dollars backing unelectable liberal candidates.  He is destined to fail.

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21 Responses

  1. I am just waiting for some Latino communist bitching how underrepresented Latinos are in Anaheim and elsewhere in OC.

    Latinos are destroying America and this county.

    If Latinos want any amnesty they need to remove communist Perez from any political position held by him in the OC. Latinos can’t expect to get any legalization while sporting iLeft-Communist Perez.


  2. jose

    There is comment on the OC Weekly site from a “voiceless” young father of two children, one coming , who seems to be having a hard time finding a job, asking the following, “Hey Mr.Perez let me know of any job openings for a hard working Mexican who is has a hard time finding a job.”

  3. Greg Diamond

    It was Martinez’s being seduced (later to be abandoned) into running by Jose Solorio, in an attempt to split the anti-Daly vote, that led to Daly’s win. I can think of only one local journalist who was playing along with it at the time — and one would hope that by now you’d regret your actions. But I guess that for some people anti-union is just a stronger motive than pro-Latino.

    • I felt she had a better shot as an elected official with name I.D. than the unknown Perez. But she ran a lame campaign and Perez attacked her. Neither one went after Daly. It was lameness all around.

      • Greg Diamond

        Art, Daly was a shoo-in to make the runoff — and therefore not a useful target in a top two primary — but not necessarily to win against Perez. The viciously anti-liberal JOBSPAC of Chevron Oil and Altria (Philip Morris) understood that. Jose Solorio understood that. Sarmiento and Tinajero, who turned Solorio down before he asked Martinez to run for Assembly, knew that. Martinez herself even knew it before Solorio convinced her that she’d have his (implied undivided) support. Only you didn’t know it. I spent a long time trying to explain it to you, too, as I have heard did others, but not electing Julio was more important to you than electing a Latino. Not your brightest shining moment..

    • “But I guess that for some people anti-union is just a stronger motive than pro-Latino”……………. Hmmmmmm

      If that is a choice comment than either/or would be wrong.

      FAQ: Why do you pollute this blog with your iLeft communist ideology poison, Golem?

      Didn’t you ever learn from Julius and Ethel Rosenberg sentencing which is the case law against the promulgating communism in the USA?

      You should concentrate on deleting my comments in the OrangeJuiceBlog which Mr. drunk Nelson approved and posted over the weekend.

      You are really sick moron mongoloid Mr. “Diamondstein”.

      • Jewish hater of the humanity — Greg “Golem” Diamond — deleted my comment in response to the following OJB post:

        The Orange Juice’s Top Sorties of 2013 – and a few new items for our VICTORY list!

        “The ‘sortie’ is a military term meaning a sudden issuing of troops against the enemy from a defensive position”………………… Hmmmmmm

        The “fragging” is an act of murdering members of the military, particularly commanders of a fighting squad.

        My sorties of 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 against Pulido’s regime were all “fragged” by Orange County yellow cowards like Art Pedroza, Dan Chmielewski, Thomas Gordon, Gustavo Arellano, Sean Mill, Larry Gilbert, Vern Nelson, Greg Diamond and Norberto Santana, Jr. etc. etc. etc.

        Spartan: “Come back with your shield – or on it”

        The time is on my side!


        • Greg Diamond

          I deleted your comments because you’re a cunning but more stupid sad bigot who adds nothing but slander to most conversations, Stanislaw; (I’d call you a neo-Nazi, but first I’d want to check your membership card.) A comments thread without you is almost always improved — as your posts here prove.

          Art may not care what infects his blog’s comments section — and he reaps the rewards accordingly– but I do care what happens to the one I help run.

          • You have just as many goofy comments on your acquired blog. Did you learn nothing from the recent duck hunter kerfuffle? Free speech can get ugly but censorship is worst. I draw the line of course when they come after me but if they want to beat you up that is between you and them.

            • Greg Diamond

              It’s not a matter of being “goofy,” it’s a matter of virulent anti-Semitism (which isn’t just “about me” or I’d ignore it) verging on neo-Nazi ideology. If you see that in our comments section, you let me know. (And it’s not my acquired blog, it’s Vern’s purchased one. I just volunteer there. At least now the vast majority of the hits are from the Vern Era.)

              • Yes they are but my New Santa Ana blog, by itself, gets more hits than the OJ blog. But let’s not quibble about that.

                The point is that Fiala makes comments that at times are blatantly racist. But those are his comments. How dare you hold us accountable for them? We don’t like these comments either but if we delete them then we will be no better than you. We prefer to err on the side of free speech.

                We realize that you liberals are comfortable with the Obama administration’s out of control NSA and Obama’s own tendency to try to squelch voices he disagrees with. But where you liberals are comfortable with police states we believe in freedom.

                • You are maturing Art!
                  Now you can claim your USA birth rights.

                • Greg Diamond

                  No, it doesn’t, and not merely because you require, for example two or three hits (e.g., using a “content summary” on your RSS feed) rather than allowing direct access as most sites do. You ran an online ad campaign and reported numbers from that period, which temporarily boosted you. And even then you were only better in the national rankings but not the global ones; right now you’re behind us in both. (Given that OCPolitics isn’t in the top 2,000,000, I suspect that perhaps you’ve cannibalized some hits across domains — you know the Dark Arts of fluffery and puffery much better than do I — but, as you said, let’s not quibble.

                  You’re know for deleting comments of your choosing, Art, so don’t pretend to be on a high horse. Fiala has no right to post on your blog; you just apparently don’t mind the hits (maybe you’d get lonely here otherwise.)

                  There at the end, who’s “we” this time — you and Fiala?

          • There was nothing which you claim above in my comment which was bigoted. It was approved by Nelson and any one can read it above. It was factual and you have deleted it because you are Jewish hater of the Gentiles and you are getting way with it because you are a Jew.

            Fortunately, my reference to you as a Jew and to Latinos based on their race and to homosexuals based on their sexual disorientation is a satire to fight the revers racism and discrimination against whites and gentiles because you are elevating yourselves above other based on your race and sexuality.

            Most recent example was an assault on the TV Duck Dynasty by Jews, Blacks and Homosexuals.

            Fortunately, it back fired and the Hollywood Jews realized that it will diminish their Jewish profits as Jesus him sell disliked so they backpedaled.

            Pendulum is turning in favor of whites and Gentiles so expect more from them.

            In meanwhile you should uphold a spirit of the USA constitution and stop threatening Art you hater and provocateur.

            Judging based on Israel’s behavior you Jews are worth than Hitler ever was.

            Good think is that Obama does agree with me and will allow Iran a nuke to keep Jews in line.

  4. (And it’s not my acquired blog, it’s Vern’s purchased one. I just volunteer there. At least now the vast majority of the hits are from the Vern Era.)…………….. Hmmmmmmm

    So you volunteer there to censure OJB?…. or are you an embedded by any of these Jewish Internet anti-defamation fascists militant groups which assassinate people like Alex Odeh (April 4, 1944 – October 11, 1985) in Orange County?

    It has been published in the FFFF blog and elsewhere that you are FBI, NSA, CIA informant.

    I believe so, even if you will deny it because your writing evidence and your behavior points that direction.

  5. To understand Esq. Greg “Golem” Diamond and his character including his hate of Gentiles and me — you must red this otherwise you are morally lost.


  6. In his article Whitewashing the Santora Building of Its Community History Esq. Greg “Golem” Diamond is using term Whitewashing to describe a despicable act, which is highly offensive to white people and to me.

    Esq. Diamond #256598 is profusely accusing everyone of the antisemitism and bigotry.

    You just sneeze in his presence and he will scream bloody antisemitism, yet in the OrangeJuiceBlog he is routinely showing hate, racial intolerance and bigotry to offend every race except his own.

    Please notice Esq. Diamond, to describe a despicable act of Mr. Jakowsky you should use “Jewwashing” in lieu of “Whitewashing” which would be even more effective to describe a destruction of the Santora Building’s Community History.

    Caveat #1: To Mr. Nelson and Esq. Diamond, plese be advised not use in your crapola articles and blog word “white” because it is offensive to me as “N” word is to Negro.

    • “Did we already know that Theo is a Jew hating racist?”………… Hmmmmmmm

      Now they are attacking Theo at that link above.

      Destruction of the art in Santa Ana by Jews is a clear sign that they are militant and soon they will burn Christian Churches in Santa Ana to force Latinos from the downtown.

      Where is Claudia Alvarez when you need her?