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Home Aliso Viejo The Aliso Viejo City Council approves an e-cigarette lounge near several schools

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The Aliso Viejo City Council approves an e-cigarette lounge near several schools

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The Aliso Viejo City Council’s recent approval of E-Cig Vault, an e-cigarette lounge, has raised the ire of some residents and members of the school board, according to the O.C. Register.

The Aliso Viejo council approved a conditional-use permit for E-Cig Vault on a 3-2 vote Jan. 8. Councilmen Ross Chun and Bill Phillips dissented, calling for more information about the products’ possible health risks and how other cities in Orange County are treating the devices. Several Southern California cities have put a moratorium on e-cig businesses.

Aliso Viejo Council Members Cave, Munzing and Tsunoda voted to approve the E-Cig Vault, which will be less than a mile from six schools in Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel, including Aliso Niguel High School, Aliso Viejo Middle School and K-8 public charter Journey School.

Capistrano Unified School District board of trustees Gary Pritchard, Jim Reardon and Anna Bryson raised concerns that the tobacco products would end up in the hands of minors.

Doesn’t Tsunoda work for CalOptima – a healthcare provider?  I wonder how they feel about him promoting smoking?

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6 Responses

  1. Confused

    There is already a cigar shop in the Town Center. E-cigarettes still have nicotine in them which is addictive. I don’t think inviting something like this in an area where the youth of AV congregate is a good idea.

  2. Faulty Decision

    Councilman Munzing strongly supports this eCig Lounge as a source of tax revenue for the city, but does he stop to consider the influence it has on the kind of city we live in? Not for a minute. All he sees is tax revenue, and is blinding by his political platform. Perhaps if he spent some time in this community, he would learn what Aliso Viejo is all about.

  3. Who are our leaders?

    Munzing loves to tout his business friendly platform, but guess what? His business isn’t even in our city. He chose to put it in San Clemente. Thank a lot councilman!

  4. Election Mis-step

    Munzing continues to waste time and money on his ridiculous antics. Who else witnessed his sideshow on Wednesday night? Is he running for another office, or just stroking his own ego?

  5. No More Political Sleaze

    Mayor Tsunoda needs to pay closer attention to his constituents, and less attention to what Carmen Cave is directing him to do. The two of them need to go soon, before they bankrupt the city and create a haven for drug abusing miscreants.

  6. What?

    It is ridiculous that a device which produces a vapor we know to be less harmful than cigarette smoke is being given more trouble than the cigarettes being sold in every drug store, market, and gas station in the city. As confused above mentions there is a cigar oasis in town center, whose license was recently renewed without a second’s hesitation. Town center I would see as a much more likely place for kids to congregate in Aliso.