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Somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do

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Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
48th Congressional District

Lost amidst the storm of recent news stories and blog posts over Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham‘s ignominious departure from the OC Parks Commission and his loss of a couple of low-six figure consulting contracts with the OCTA, was the blockbuster dropped by the OC Weekly’s R. Scott Moxley last week on Congressman Dana Rohrbacher’s Costa Mesa rental home:  [Moxley Confidential] Congressman turned $1 million Costa Mesa home rental into pigsty.  This story rivals the bad press that ruined former Long Beach Congresswoman Laura Richardson whose own adventures in real estate began with a trashed and unpaid-for Sacramento home which helped (along with re-districting) to end her sorry political career.

Thursday last, Moxley wrote:

When he moved out in August 2012, Rohrabacher left behind a shockingly horrific pigsty, a dump worse than a college fraternity house of unhygienic slobs unfamiliar with the most basic tools of cleaning. Darlene Whitsell, [home owner] Polyniak’s longtime girlfriend, entered the home shortly after the congressman’s departure and wept at the scene…Massive black stains and muck covered the carpet throughout the home. Sticky grime encased damaged, rusted appliances. Denied water, once-thriving outside plants and grass dried up and died. Blinds were cracked. Black dirt ruined the appearance of once-sparkling tile floors. Walls inexplicably contained odd holes, nail polish, wax and some smelly substance that may have been feces.  Every toilet seat in the house was broken. The ceilings showed smoke damage.

The story was complete with a 16-frame slide show. — pictures taken, presumably by the landlord of the “mess” left by the Rohrabacher family (the Congressman and his wife have grade-school age triplets, and probably household help) after they moved into a home they’d purchased elsewhere in Costa Mesa.  Moxley followed up with another piece on Saturday: What’s The Ideal Christmas Gift This Year For Congressman Dana Rohrabacher?

Both parties are now suing each other — Rohrabacher for an unreturned $7k security deposit and Polyniak for about $25k in damages to his property.  After Moxley’s revelations, we wonder if he’ll be included as well.  Scott Moxley’s developed an excellent reputation for investigative reporting — it’s not just our opinion that he’s the best in the County, light years ahead of most of the lightweights at the Register, and even Norberto Santana and his crew at the union-funded Voice of OC.  To our knowledge, Moxley’s never missed — he helped ex-Sheriff Mike Carona to a Federal Pen and roasted Larry Agran into charcoal, along with plenty of other local miscreants.  He’s shared his great reputation to boost the otherwise slimy OC Weekly out of the gutter of alternative media, and prostitution massage parlor and tattoo shop marketing.

Our reason for questioning Scott in here is due to the Rohrabacher’s quick response and vociferous claims, beginning with this Tweet on danatweetSaturday.   The link leads to the You Tube below that was produced by the Rohrabachers.  It portrays the house in fairly good shape on the family’s departure 16 months ago ( good, especially considering three nine year-olds lived there).  The carpets are dirty, but look to had been there much longer than the tenants.  None of the claims from the Moxley story are evident in over seven minutes of room-to-room, floor-to-ceiling video.

To fuel the controversy, KFI’s John and Ken Show picked up on the OC Weekly piece today.  John Kobylt, no fan of most politicians including Rohrabacher, read the juicy parts of the story, but apparently knew nothing about the video that was posted on Saturday.  Normally, this program devotes at most a 30-minute segment to any story (fully half of which is stuffed with badly produced commercials), but a few minutes in, the Congressman was able to get through by phone and went live on-air for nearly an hour.  He mentioned the video, how to find it and also pointed to his Facebook page for a number of stills that would disprove Moxley’s claims and contradict the photos from the first OC Weekly piece.  It was a terrible interview as both Kobylt and Rohrabacher fought for the microphone, but by the end Kobylt’s adrenalin was drained and he conceded their was no evident explanation for the competing photographs (Rohrabacher said Polyniak’s were “doctored”)  which could either cost a 13-term Congressman his next election, or R. Scott Moxley his reputation.

Rohrabacher’s been a target of Moxley’s for years.  He’s offered plenty of rumors about drunkenness, drug use and even his sexual persuasions.  Unlike Democrats Richardson mentioned above, and the Queen of Sleeze, Maxine Waters, Rohrbacher has never to our knowledge been the subject of an ethics investigation or anything more serious than his unseemly relationship with Jack Abramoff.  John and Ken’s producer tried during the show to contact Moxley and the home’s owner, but had not succeeded by 5pm.

We hope Moxley will followup on-air and in print with his explanation of the drastic differences between his photo evidence, and what the Rohrabachers have produced.


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9 Responses

  1. Carlos

    The John and Ken show was ridiculous.

    Nobody really cares what the purported condition of a rental property on move out is, this is just a political attack on an elected official that Moxley doesn’t like.

    Who would take any of that serious? Moxley wrote a hit piece. All allegations. True or not, it’s of no importance to us at all.

    It’s a matter between Rohrabacher and his former landlord, and they will have their day in court. I hope to hell it is never in the news again.

    With all the important things going on in the world this is just of no public importance.

    It is unsurprising that John and Ken devoted so much time on it. They are lunatics.

    This was complete crap. And boring as well. Not a valid news story to be sure.

  2. […] According to John Fields over at Pedrozaville, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher released a YouTube video this past Saturday purporting to give the lie to Scott Moxley’s story of his trashing his house rental, leading to a bout of claim and counterclaim with his landlord, Robert Polyniak.  Here’s the (soundless) video: […]

  3. Greg Diamond


    My guess is that David Zenger nailed it in comments: Dana sublet the apartment at some point (therefore “moved out”) without the landlord’s permission or knowledge — and (whether or not Dana moved back in before ending the lease) either the sublessee or a sub-sublessee or Dana himself once he came back trashed the place before the owner retook possession.

    As for whether it’s all between the owner and Rep. Rohrabacher — not if someone presents evidence to try to defraud the court, it ain’t!

    • Yes, that’s plausible. We noted the date on the stills was August of 2012, so more than a year has passed — enough time for someone else to have trashed the place. The YouTube was posted three days ago. The sublet could have changed the locks which the prevented the landlord, as he’d claimed, from entering (altho who in their right mind would have let the situation fester for a year?).

      We also wondered why the videographer didn’t put in some visual clues to authenticate the “tape” — like a current newpaper to give some confirmation of the recording date, and a shot of the house number to give some assurance that it wasn’t a model or for-sale home somewhere else.

    • “My guess is that David Zenger nailed it in comment”………… Hmmmmmmm

      Guess again Golem!

      Zenger is a nutcase who believes that he is Sherlock Holmes of the Orange County who even botched up investigations assigned to him by his boos Sup. Nelson.

      Majority of people do not know that any digital recording, still or motion, contains so called “meta data” including date and other forensic information which are not visible unless you have special software and can’t be altered. Even copies do add additional “meta data” so it will be very easy to find out who is criminal here!

      Deposition, deposition deposition!

      In contrast to you Golem let me submit my intelligent guess.

      Unless Rohrabacher is stupid as was sheriff Carona it is inconceivable that he would knowingly leave his rental place in any condition which wouldn’t comply with a normal and usual wear and tare.

      If there would be any embarrassing damage made by Rohrabacher or anyone he knew he would let his people quietly take care of it.

      Why would he go through such public controversy over a fist full of dollars?

      Notwithstanding his last name, based on my experience with landlords, I believe that the landlord thrashed the place (happen to me many times) and than contacted OC Weekly which is the only crapola publication which would publish such story because Moxley is a supper fly which would sit on any juicy feces.

  4. I sure don’t think much of Dana, I’m sure everyone can attest to that.

    But five years ago, I passed along (with my own commentary) a story from Moxley claiming Dana dressed in drag to get into Sirhan Sirhan’s prison cell and mess with him, then started to suspect the story wasn’t true. Moxley would never respond to me by e-mail about it. Then a couple years later when we (orange juice) invited Moxley onto our radio show and I questioned Scott about that story, he made silly faces and said “oh poor dana.”

    I think it’s becoming clear that he’ll just make shit up about Dana.

    • “I think it’s becoming clear that he’ll just make shit up about Dana.”……….. Hmmmmmmm

      Wow, Gröfaz your intellectual capacity glows like Jesus’ halo today.

      FYI Gröfaz, you could by quite intellectual person but your association with moron mongoloid Esq. Greg “Golem” Diamond and David Zenger milks it all out before it gets used.

  5. Just read this story all the way thru, and I don’t know who this “John Fields” is, but his opinion of Moxley is, let’s say, inflated. Scott writes beautifully, has an amusing snarky sense of humor (if you’re not the butt of it) and certainly does have a few important scalps under his belt (if you go back a decade.)

    Where he comes up lacking is in honesty and fairness. I’ve been on to him since here http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2011/03/the-once-great-r-scott-moxley-fluffs-jim-righeimer/ which eventually led to a feud, but really … Fields shouldn’t say that Moxley’s “reputation for investigative reporting” is unquestioned. He’s as hit-and-miss, and grudge-holding and petty, as any of us lower beings.

  6. “He’s as hit-and-miss, and grudge-holding and petty, as any of us lower beings.”………… Hmmmmmmmm

    I am sovereign free spirit individual coronated by my creator at the birth so whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.