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Poll: Who are Orange County’s most ridiculous liberals?

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I have a lot of good friends who are Democrats – but let’s face it, most O.C. Democrats, at least the bloggers and politicians, are ridiculously liberal.  They are wasting their time in Orange County, but that never stops them.

Now you can vote for the most ridiculous O.C. Democrats, in the poll below.  There are a lot of choices, from liberal bloggers to a Long Beach liberal who works at the County of Orange, to limo liberals from Irvine.  Have fun voting and remember that you can vote for up to three choices:

Who are Orange County's most ridiculous liberals? (Vote for up to 3!)

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65 Responses

  1. Greg Diamond

    I would be honored to win this poll (considering the source.) Please vote for me and only me. Thanks!

    • Don’t hog all the votes Diamond. There are plenty of awful liberals to vote for in this poll!

      • Kenneth M. Fisher

        Art, Why are not Loretta Sanchez Brixey, her sister Linda Sanchez Davenport, Tom Daly, and others not listed? This poll is not complete without them!

        May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!
        Viva Cristo Rey!
        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
        Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

  2. Lotta good people there! (Not all but mostly.)

    I suppose I don’t have to link to it though…

    • I am committed to linking to all the OC political blogs. I hope you will join me in doing so. We may not always agree with each other but we should agree on the importance of free speech.

  3. Solorio ain’t a liberal. And Loretta is.

    • Solorio tried to pass a bill last year that would have forced building service contractors to hire the employees of any other building service contractor that lost a bid on a specific building. That IS exactly what I expect from crazy pro union liberals.

      Sanchez really isn’t all that liberal. She was a Republican for over thirty years. She is a moderate on many fiscal issues and is nowhere near as bad as Solorio.

      I should note that this poll isn’t about social liberalism but rather fiscal liberalism.

    • Ryan

      Loretta Sanchez, is frankly nothing but a sperm dumpster for the entire lib-tard army. An that is rich coming from you sir drinks a lot, I swear when ever there is something of interest, I attend and there you are 3 sheets to the wind expounding on your art. Please for all that is holy go away, or get some help, its not even funny anymore, its sad and your considered a joke.

  4. Greg Diamond

    Can you identify your “a lot of good friends who are Democrats”? I promise that I won’t hold it against them; I just want to know whether they are made out of flesh and blood.

  5. Greg Diamond

    If they’re fictional, as I expect, they can’t feel pain. Maybe they’ll come here and identify themselves! Ollie-ollie-oxen free!

    I do believe that you have good friends who are libertarians, though.

    • You see Greg you weren’t around when former OJ blogger Red Vixen, a Democrat, let slip that she contributed to Beth Krom’s congressional campaign. Chmeilewski came after her, swearing he would go through Krom’s campaign finance reports and find her. She quit blogging. Vern will remember this – ask him. None of my Democratic friends need to go through such experiences, so stop stalking them.

      • Good old Red Vixen. I miss her. This story is mostly true, from what I understand Dan came after her because she was mean to one of his friends.

        Wasn’t she originally a Republican for fifty or sixty years though?

        • In another comment you say who cares that Loretta Sanchez used to be a Republican – for over thirty years – and now it bothers you when it comes to Red Vixen? I would say that consistency is not your strong suit.

  6. Greg Diamond

    Honestly, Art, you shouldn’t accusing me of stalking anyone, especially fictional people. If you have any information at all that I have engaged in “stalking” anyone, publish it. Disagreeing with them, as I am doing now, is not stalking.

    I just challenge any Democrat who is your good friend to publicly identify themselves. I promise not to look up their title or the names of their dead parents or anything. I just want to hear a few Democrats say “Art Pedroza is my good friend.” There should be no shame in admitting it, right?

    • LOL! Yet this behavior you’re exhibiting is stalking. I would encourage my Democratic friends to ignore you. As I have already established there are unhinged Democratic bloggers who have already gone after my friends.

      Who my friends are is entirely my business, not yours. You should be more concerned with improving your blogging after Gustavo compared you to the worst OC blogger ever.

  7. Greg Diamond

    So this is “stalking,” in your mind.

    Well, I assert that you have no Democratic friends left. Maybe someone will step up — not under a pseudonym — and assert otherwise.

  8. Greg Diamond

    Be nice, Art. I’m also probably responsible for most of your hits here for the last 24 hours.

    Being called “a buffoon and terrible blogger” by you is almost as good as winning your unpopularity contest, though!

    • Not just me Greg, don’t forget that Moxley and Arellano have the same opinion of you.

      Don’t threaten me by the way, it’s in your best interest to link to this blog. And were linking right back to you. Moreover we are getting hits from many sources already. I’ve done this before. You, on the other hand, are benefiting from my work. I founded the OJ and made it a hit long before you ruined it.

  9. Greg Diamond

    Don’t “threaten you”? Did I threaten you?

    OK, no kidding around here: I am disturbed at the level of paranoia you exhibit. So, I’m going to extricate myself.

    I’ll deal (in a constructive rather than destructive way) with Moxley and Arellano myself, now that we’ve been properly introduced.

    Thanks for the OJ blog, Art. I look forward to writing for this one, too, once you inevitably lose it.

  10. Fist of all, to me, liberal is a compliment.

    But you overemphasize that one bill of Solorio’s, as something that helps workers relative to business is apparently anathema to you. His overall record has been very disappointing to liberals. He has been one of the Democrats to be most beholden to the prison-industrial complex and the insurance lobby, who just happen to be his biggest contributors. The bill he seems most proud of committed the state to spend billions more on prison construction – thankfully we ran out of money. He’s joined the Republicans to kill several good bills – one that would have protected us consumers from exorbitant health insurance hikes, one that would allow prisoners who were in the wrong place at the wrong time (as lookouts perhaps) as children during the commission of felonies to be considered for a second chance at freedom … those are the first things that come to my mind, why I don’t consider Jose a liberal. There’s more.

    Loretta on the other hand, though she presents herself cunningly as a “Blue Dog” and does emphasize fiscal responsibility, has a voting record a liberal can be proud of. Who cares if she was a Republican when she was in utero as a fetus, I care about her record as a Congresswoman. She opposed both of Bush’s stupid wars, unlike many of her fellow Dems. She pushed hard for a public option in Obamacare, almost to the point of not backing it without, and is a co-author of Conyers’ single-payer. Again I could go on. Loretta’s a good liberal. 90% of the time anyway, much more than Jose.

    • Liberal is no compliment. Liberals have bankrupted our state and many of our municipal governments. We are stuck with a gigantic pension crisis because of liberals.

      Solorio is a complete whore for the unions ergo he is a liberal. He may not be liberal enough for you, but that’s your problem. I can see why you’re backing Perez – he certainly is an even worse liberal than Solorio.

      Your comments about Sanchez are funny given that I met you when you were protesting at her office. Did she magically become more liberal since then?

      • Duh… Do you remember why we were outside of my friend Loretta’s office? Do you remember how she thanked us? Do you grasp how our protesting helped give her cover (and backbone) to stop voting to fund the Iraq War?

        Sometimes I wonder about your memory, and even more frequently I worry about your incapability to grasp any kind of nuance.

      • PULL YOUR HEAD OUT!!!!…..PIMPS…womenizers…..haters……your republican idots,the tea party,birchers,alike have tried to push your PENISEZ down the throats of everyone not agreeing with the elephants,big bald elephants, trumpeting loudly into the air of HATE….similar to naziz……..SHUT YOUR PIE HO!!!! facts speak louder!!! find the real facts about your MOB friends in the orange curtin..latest beatings page of any news paper in the o.c……..NOW the water issues in Anaheim hills….sneaky..bs…read all about it..and try to find out who is in charge of this crap with PRIVATE water rip offs..and NO CONTROL of whats in the shit your drinking….C.U.B.S…….WHAT is this crap???……all the while your babbling idotidocly… we are being poisoned….

  11. Gericault

    Hey that was pretty cool, One vote for myself and I totally jumped up with a much better class of liberals…..if only real life were so easy….

    • But it is – you guys could all get in a moving van and head to San Francisco – or West Hollywood…

      • Gericault

        Let me get this “straight”….I make one little quip,having never been here before,I find my name on some stupid poll, and the editor of this blog jumps in and does some sort of off hand gaybashing……..Well that was fun,….

        • How was my response gay bashing? I referenced San Francisco and West Hollywood because they are cities dominated by liberals. I could care less if their populations are also gay. That is a non sequitur.

          But the fact that you jumped to such a ridiculous – and mistaken – assumption means you definitely do belong in our poll!

  12. gericault

    Then why didn’t you say Irvine? Is it because it was just voted the 2nd best run city in the US by Forbes Magazine? It’s the closest Liberal Bastion, the other two cities you mentioned , are more noteworthy for their non conformist sexual tolerance. Actually, Orange County has more registered Democrats than San Francisco. What’s ridiculous is this blog and it’s unhinged editor,,,,,BTW what have I ever even done to make this list? Besides voice an occasional opinion, is that what this blog is all about , bashing people who comment? I’m not elected, I’ve never voted for any public policy, or ran for any elected position. I don’t have a “platform”, up until a year ago I was a registered DTS, and you don’t even know me. I think your a little disturbed….

    • I wouldn’t call Irvine a liberal city. If it was so liberal how is it that Krom was blown out last year, as was Fox? Democrats have ruled the City Council – and they used the anti airport sentiment to blow millions on the Great Park, but the bills are going to come due – and they will eventually lose their grip on the city.

      We may have more Democrats in the OC, but they aren’t liberals. Most Democrats in Santa Ana, for example, are moderates and some are conservatives. You only have a handful of legislators in the OC and only one of them is a liberal.

      You know me by the way. You were on my OJ radio show. And I know you to be one of the unhinged nuts in Costa Mesa that is trying to stop the City Council from fixing their pension and budget crisis. Your side can’t get elected to anything in Costa Mesa, so good luck with that.

      As for being disturbed, I think your comments are the ones that are disturbed. You’re all over the map. You haven’t been hitting the bottle tonight have you?

  13. Gericault

    We met….at your live stream attempts, correct. But you don’t know me, just like I wouldn’t claim to know you. (It wasn’t a Radio show, it was a computer live stream that wouldn’t stream properly, and so technically it was people arguing into microphones with nobody listening).

    As for being a critic of the Costa Mesa City Council that hardly makes me an unhinged nut. There is a large coalition of conservatives, independents, past city council members, a former city attorney, numerous long time residents that have been very involved in our local politics, also outraged by this councils Scott Walker like actions. The facts are thus,……..there is NO budget crisis, we have a 3.8 million budget surplus. It would have been more but about a million was spent on consultants and attorneys. No employees have been outsourced, yet, so there have been no savings from that exercise in futility. Even if they were outsourced it won’t “FIX” any pension crisis as those contract pension obligations have to be paid no matter what. Ask John Moorlach. If you believe the BS the CM Council is selling you should also go curl up under your Fox News Blanket.
    I think what really bothers me about you and this blog is the fact that it is such a weird little muddy puddle you are splashing in. I really don’t have all this time to just pick fights with other bloggers. It’s really juvenile, very petty and complete waste of energy….but it’s what you do. Hows that worked out for ya?$$$

    You can respond to yourself…….I won’t be back.

  14. What have we learned from this thread? Art is ready to complete his circuitous journey, back into the arms of the Orange County Republican Party! R – L – D – L – R. It has a beautiful symmetry, and I’m sure they will be so glad to have him back!

    He’s an enthusiastic backer of Righeimer’s autocratic and corrupt decimation of the city’s workforce and related power grabs, which of course takes the form of ridiculing all who criticize it. Republican.

    He mocks any group that doesn’t automatically have an easy electoral majority. That’s Riggy critics in Costa Mesa, Brea police backers, Dems in OC, Amezcuites in his own town…. He makes fun of them for being a minority. Hence, he can’t possibly be serious about being in such a tiny group as the Libertarian party. He has got to be playing a cruel prank on them. Republican. Go back home.

    His overall concern of late is bashing unions and lowering the living standards of working stiffs. Solorio’s mortal sin was a bill he wrote to help working people. It doesn’t matter to Art that Solorio wrote a bill to build a dozen more prisons, wasting billions of California money and enabling the government to throw thousands more of us in jail. He is still too liberal. Art must want even more of that. Libertarian? No, Republican.

    It doesn’t matter to Art that Solorio killed a good liberal bill making it harder for the big health insurance companies to arbitrarily raise people’s premiums exorbitantly – Solorio is still too liberal. Art must want even MORE power for the insurance companies. Republican? HARDCORE.

    Art’s only two gripes with the GOP has been that they trash gays and latinos. But he seems to be making peace with the trashing of gays lately, with his prudish bitching about the gay club in Santa Ana, and his gay-baiting of any politician he doesn’t like whom he suspects of being secretly gay. Well, there’s one little quibble with the OCGOP gone!

    The OC GOP needs you, Art, for Latino outreach! Maybe you can join forces with Laura Cunningham. REPUBLICAN.

    • When the GOP stops bashing immigrants and gays I might consider going back to them. As that is not going to happen anytime soon I am happy to be a Libertarian again.

      Solorio wasn’t trying to help working people. He was trying to help union bosses. Most Latinos DO NOT belong to unions. In fact most Americans don’t belong to unions. And you don’t either as far as I know.

      As for your second to last paragraph, yes I do believe that closeted politicians are being dishonest with the voters. They should come clean as to how they swing. They have to report their finances, they should also let the voters know about this – especially since some voters have a problem with the community in question. In fact your pal Mike Tardif is one of them.

      I opposed Prop. 8. Tardif and Cunningham worked to pass it.

      • Beautiful how you choose only two points to respond to, out of TEN GREAT POINTS I made. Beautiful and typical.


        • Calling me one doesn’t make it so. In fact my Presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, is far more progressive than yours, on the issues that matter to me.

          • I’ve gotta admit, Gary’s not half bad. I don’t believe his libertarian economic ideas work in the modern world though. Obama’s starting to have success in bringing the economy back, despite all the Republican obstruction. Imagine if he didn’t have his hands tied behind his back.

            • The unemployment numbers are lower because some folks have been unemployed so long that they have been dropped from the category.

              Obama’s ideas surely have not worked. Why not try liberty instead?

  15. Forgot about this:

    Also, remember that Art supported selling off our Fairgrounds to developers. Very much a Republican idea, or should I say, Republican scam. To throw away our birthright that our grandparents’ tax dollars paid for, for insider Republicans to profit off of. Yeah buddy!

    Maybe I might as well link to Red County.

    • You’re putting words in my mouth. I never supported that. I did however question the value of the Fair. It exists to provide overpriced unhealthy food and pricey rickety rides I would not put my kids on.

  16. Greg Diamond

    I guess that Moxley was partially right. This first big long discussion at Art’s brand spanking new blog is sort of entertaining, in a “watching Rick Perry try to debate” sort of way.

  17. Picking on Art is fast becoming a mean but irresistible sport, quite reminiscent of Jubal-baiting back during Cunningham’s last couple years.

    Sometimes I feel a little guilty piling on, but you just can’t help it when you hear the ridiculous things they say…

  18. Hello? Any Republicans here? I don’t see any. Except, arguably, the Editor.

  19. Guy Fawkes

    I don’t think the Northwood Night Stalker would classify as a “liberal.” NIMBY is more like it.

  20. Mike moon

    Considering the dwindling supply of GOP voters in the county and the demographic movement, you might want to develop a list of GOP good ole boys that won’t last the next ten years.