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Home Aliso Viejo Musical chairs on the Aliso Viejo City Council amount to more bad leadership

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Musical chairs on the Aliso Viejo City Council amount to more bad leadership

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Check out the Aliso Viejo City Council’s online agenda for their upcoming meeting on Dec. 4.  The council will be re-organizing as they do each year, and presumably career political sleaze Phil Tsunoda will take over the reigns from his appointer and mentor, Carmen Cave.

The big questions is whether Cave will return to the Pro-Tem position, or if William “Bill” Phillips will again assume that role. These entitled cronies will certainly not permit newcomers Ross Chun or Mike Munzing to advance to that position.

Munzing’s tactics of creating large scale disruptions during meetings to make his point has not gleaned him any friends. He has also been very public about finding and supporting a candidate to run against Cave and Tsunoda in 2014.  We of course applause his actions and hope that Cave and Tsunoda will get the boot in 2014.

Both Cave and Tsunoda have show reckless disregard for how taxpayer money is spent.  That is not likely to change as one takes the baton from the other.

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6 Responses

  1. Aliso Voter

    Why does Aliso Viejo allow the council members to select the Mayor, instead of the voters? Isn’t this how corruptions stays in power? If the voters decided they want to see change, why can’t they carry that change to its logical conclusion and get rid of the problems at the top?

  2. Change for Aliso Viejo

    No matter who these politicos put in the mayor’s seat, it should be clear that Carmen Cave and Phil Tsunoda must go. They have held onto their offices far too long, and feel they can do no wrong, even when the public cries foul. Just ask any of the homeowners along golf drive.

  3. San Juan Publius

    It sounds almost as bad as San Juan Capistrano.

  4. rick campbell

    Oh Phillip Tsunoda does alot of wrong just look at the 12d fund he managed while working for sleeze ball supreme Tom Daly.

  5. Jennifer M.

    Dump Tsunoda and Cave! Their antics are no longer going to stand in this community.