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Local Luddites FAIL as Carlsbad Poseidon Facility is Approved

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Emerging from their solar-powered mud huts to presumably bicycle down to San Diego County to come out against a desalination project, former Huntington Beach Mayor Debby Cook and her one man fan club, former Fountain Vally Councilman Gus Ayer, failed to convince all the usual suspects and bad guys according to the Surf City Voice in Poseidon Carlsbad Vote Passes yesterday:

Gus Ayer and Messiah

Public comments have wrapped up and at the San Diego County Water Authority special board meeting to consider a 30-year water purchase agreement with Poseidon Resources Inc. to supply up to (but as yet unknown) 56,000 acre feet of water for San Diego County by desalinating up to 100 million gallons of ocean water to turn it into 50 million gallons of drinking water each day from off the coast of the city of Carlsbad.

Supporting the $1 billion project: big business interests, politicians, chamber of commerce, labor etc.

Former HB Mayor and Peak Oil Expert Debby Cook

Opposed: environmentalists, ocean users and activist rate payers. About evenly divided so far. The board room is full, about 160 people in attendance. Locals speaking: former Huntington Beach mayor Debbie Cook, former Fountain Valley mayor Gus Ayer.

The Washington Post discussed the carpetbaggers’ loss here: San Diego agency approves contract to buy water from huge desalination plant despite costs.  Cook had managed to delay a similar Huntington Beach project by Poseidon while on the HB City Council, but ultimately failed as well.  Long since out of public office, Cook has more recently been failing to persuade anyone that the world’s oil supply has peaked, especially since the huge successes from fracking and shale projects in the American Midwest.

After two failures now to stop these advances in water technology from an inexhaustible resource feet from the plants that would supply what most geographers would consider a desert, it looks like it’s time for Debbie and Gus to find the next environmental hoax they can mislead, lie and obfuscate about.

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