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Lame OC GOP Chairman Baugh decides to defend “hate blogger” Cunningham

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Scott Baugh indicted

OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh has opted to downplay the significance of the recent controversy that occurred when Republican consultant Matt Cunningham made fun of Latino teens shot to death in Anaheim, on his Anaheim blog, according to Martin Wisckol at the O.C. Register.

Wisckol of course used to openly promote Cunningham’s now dead Red County blog.  Wisckol advertised, for free, Red County, and the equally vile Liberal OC blog, on his OC Register web page for years.

According to Wisckol, Baugh noted his longtime relationship with Cunningham and his wife, Laura, who emigrated from Mexico as a child. “Matt and Laura were instrumental in helping me understand the issues in the undocumented community,” Baugh said, noting that the consultant was one of the few outspoken Republican opponents to Prop. 187 at the time. “I don’t think at the core of Matt Cunningham there is any anti-Latino sentiment. He made a mistake, he owned it, and he apologized as soon as he could.”

No. Cunningham did not in fact apologize.  He said he was sorry if anyone was offended – a classic non-apology.

Cunningham’s wife Laura has over the years been an employee of the OC GOP and she has also been a Chief of Staff to Supervisor Bill Campbell, a horrible politician that thankfully was finally termed of the OC Board of Supervisors.

It was Supervisor Campbell who tried to place Monsignor John Urell on a County Commission, even though there was ample evidence at the time that Urell had covered up for pedophile priests.  Cunningham launched the “Friends of John Urell” website and it was on that site that Cunningham ended up revealing the names of the young victims of molestation by these sordid priests.

Baugh of course did not mention any of that to Wisckol.  And while Wisckol said that Baugh has been doing outreach to Latinos the sad truth is that last year Baugh totally dropped the ball, in the heavily Latino 69th Assembly District, essentially ceding the seat to vile career politician Tom Daly, a Democrat, instead of backing the Latino Republican candidate, Jose Moreno.  What kind of Latino outreach is that pray tell?

Cunningham’s world has collapsed since this latest fiasco, has he had to resign from the OC Parks Commission and he lost some OCTA contracts.

I don’t want to see Cunningham totally ruined but no public agency should ever again employ him.  Let him find some other way to make a living that does not involve our taxpayer dollars.

As for Baugh, who is himself a lobbyist, it is high time for his party to dump him!  He has become a complete embarrassment to the OC GOP.

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3 Responses

  1. Baugh’s going to be running for Mimi Walter’s State Senate seat, so this ridiculousness will come back to haunt him.

  2. Jim

    Cunningham and Frank Ury — separated at birth !