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Home 2014 Elections Ken and Monica Lopez-Maddox still playing the name game

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Ken and Monica Lopez-Maddox still playing the name game

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Ken and Monica Lopez Maddox

Now that the OC Public Administrator’s office is no more, perennial candidate Ken Lopez-Maddox has had to look for another office to run for.  He has settled on the 36th State Senate District where he will be opposing Pat Bates, the termed out OC Supervisor.  But the ballot won’t mention Ken Maddox.

Instead Ken is running as “Ken Lopez.”  He is of course not a Lopez at all. He married a gal named Monica Lopez (and I am told that Lopez was her married name, not her given one), and he added her last name to his.

Monica by the way, not to be outdone by her hubby, is running for OC Clerk-Recorder as “Monica Lopez-Maddox.”

LOL!  How do these two keep their names straight with all of this conniving?

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2 Responses

  1. vernnelson

    I also have heard that story that “Lopez” was his wife’s married name. (And got threatened with a lawsuit for calling that “the sloppy seconds of nomenclature.”) But then Ken wrote a little article saying the “Lopez” also comes from HIS mom’s Basque or Catalonian side or something. So, the Lopez is strong with this one!

  2. David Zenger

    At least Bates has an opponent.