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Home 2012 Elections Update: Julio Perez fails to prove that he is not a carpetbagger

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Update: Julio Perez fails to prove that he is not a carpetbagger

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UPDATE: Perez was interviewed at his alleged home by O.C. Register reporter Andrew Galvin, who reported that Perez magically knew what sort of toothpaste was in his restroom and what sort of soda was in his refrigerator.  Perez however did NOT provide any solid evidence that he has been living at the home in question – no driver’s license and no utility bills.  His residence remains in doubt.  Click here to read Galvin’s article.

Remember when Democrat Phu Nguyen ran for the 68th Assembly District, in 2010, and there was a scandal as to whether or not he was a carpetbagger?  That may have ultimately cost him that election.  Now he is running around promoting his fellow liberal, Julio Perez, who is running for the 69th Assembly District.  And guess what?  It looks like Perez might be an even bigger carpetbagger!

The O.C. Register is reporting that a process server who tried to serve Perez with documents stemming from a lawsuit by a company trying to recover credit card debt from Perez was unable to find him at the address he is registered to vote at.  Instead a woman named Yolanda Estrada told the process server that she lives at the address in question.

Perez later said that he does live there and that she may have been a previous tenant.  Unless she is a ghost, I can’t see how she was there previously when the process server said she lives there now.

Perez is backed by the unions.  He currently works for the union behind all those ridiculous grocery store strikes.  You know, the ones that cost jobs and resulted in the shut down of many unionized grocery stores.

Guys who do what Perez do typically make well over six figures and they don’t tend to live in blue collar communities.  I find it very easy to believe that this guy probably has a swanky condo in a city populated by others who are in the 1%.

Who is lying?  Well, why would a process server lie?  This mess is looking very bad for Perez.

The leading Hispanic candidate in the 69th Assembly District primary election is Santa Ana Council Member Michele Martinez.  She grew up in Santa Ana and yes, she still lives here.

UPDATE: Perez now says he does live at the address in question, according to the Voice of OC, which is funded by organized labor.  No proof of that was presented in the Voice of OC article, and they didn’t explain why no one in his neighborhood knows him.  They did admit that he has barely lived in the district, if at all:

Perez grew up in Anaheim and lived a block from the 69th State Assembly District lines for most of his life. In 2000, he moved to San Juan Capistrano after his parents bought a manufactured home there.

In 2001, he moved to Michigan after being accepted into the University of Michigan’s master’s degree program for public policy. Two years later, he came back to Orange County and has lived in Anaheim, Cypress, Westminster and Santa Ana during the last few years.

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36 Responses

  1. Way to fall for Jubal/Daly/Register propaganda!

    Of course the main story they wanted to get out to the public, knowing that the carpetbagging story would be quickly debunked, was that Julio has some debt. You won’t touch THAT though, will you Art? Good, neither would I.

  2. I don’t think my comment from yesterday showed up:

    “Careful, Art — you’re going to be supporting this guy against Daly come July 6.

    “Living in Santa Ana since 2010 is not having “barely lived in the district.” Can you even explain your reasoning there?”

    As for today’s offering: you know — or at least someone paying attention would know — that he is renting a room from the house’s owner. I doubt that he pays the utility bills directly.

    I do think that you should keep up this line of attack, though, despite Galvin’s doing some real reporting on the question. It may help keep you off of the street.

    • Living in the district for less than 2 years does constitute barely living in the district . Martínez has lived here her entire life.

      Falcon’s article was a joke. He presented no concrete evidence.

      • When you blog, what other words do you use that are totally out of keeping with their normal meaning? Could you warn readers about this when you do it?

        I thought someone told me that Michele spent some time in Texas — not that there’s anything wrong with that. I remember that it was in the context of how she got her accent. I don’t know that that’s so — and am stately so clearly here — but in case it is: when you say “entire life,” are you defining that oddly too?

        • She graduated from Santa Ana schools. How about you Greg?

          • Greg! You bastard! Are you running also in Santa Ana? Why didn’t you tell me?

            It was me, who mentioned Michele grew up in San Antonio. That’s what she told me. I think that’s great. People that stay in one damn place their whole lives turn stoopid.

            Art. Every time you suggest that me, or Greg, or anyone else in Orange County, especially Democrats, should have no opinions and shut up about what Democrats represent this county in Sacramento, you’re just peein’ in the wind, my friend.

            • What gets me Vern is the extent to which you two are meddling in a district you do not live in or have anything to do with. Like you I wrote about OC Politics, writ large. However you don’t see me meddling directly in specific races outside of where I live.

              At least Greg is running for office in his area. I will give him credit for that. But he, and you, should let the voters in the 69th choose their candidate. Your guy, Perez, is going to come in dead last on June 5. Well, he might beat Barragan.

          • Like I said, while respecting the family-friendly nature of your blog: Peein’ in the wind. I’m on my way to Julio’s place on Baker Street right no! (Lastima about the rain.)

  3. “Careful, Art — you’re going to be supporting this guy against Daly come July 6″……….. Hmmmm

    Good advise but I am white and based on Art’s pro Hispanics racist inclination, I will vote for Daly even if it would be Martinez runoff.

    I had enough of Art’s pro Hispanic racism in politics.

    So Michele, there you have lost one sure vote thanks to Arts pro Hispanic propaganda.

    Since the local elections are very close, I and others may control the outcome.

  4. OK, Art. We’ve now established the following:

    - you think that living in a district for two years is “barely living” in a district, enough so that one becomes a carpetbagger.

    - you think that that Michele “graduated from schools in the district” means that “she’s lived there her “entire life,” never mind her years growing up in Texas (which I agree with Vern are OK in my book.)

    I am really sorry to have to ask you this, but given your idiosyncratic use of the language, I have to: when you say that she “graduated,” can I safely assume that at least that word has its standard meaning?

    Careful Vern — I’d hate to have to prove to Art that I live in Brea! He has very high standards of proof!

    • Do you EVER stop being condescending? It is not an attractive trait.

      I don’t anything about this Texas business, but I do know that Michele graduated from Santa Ana middle and high schools. Her whole family lives out here and she has never mentioned anything about Texas to me.

      It is however not uncommon to find Latinos in California with Texas roots. My maternal grandfather was born in Texas.

      And I now you live in Brea – the point is that you do not live anywhere near the 69th A.D., and yet you continue to try to force Perez onto a populace that he is simply too liberal for – just as you are too liberal for the 29th Senate District.

  5. You use language like “has lived here her entire life” to mean something it doesn’t mean — actually, the opposite of what it means — and then you just pretend like it didn’t happen.. You either don’t check, or you check and don’t care, and yet you demand respect for your assertions. It doesn’t even seem to bother you when you get called on it. You’re like a literary character. Most real human beings just don’t do this — yet you even do it in print!

    I’m sorry that you find my reaction condescending. It’s more like fascination on my part. I want to see if there’s any factual error I can identify of yours that can lead you to say the equivalent of “whoops! my bad.” It’s like what you’ve said disappears from your consciousness once it has proven to be wrong. It’s so interesting. I’ve heard plenty of people do this verbally, but it’s the rare person who writes it down to allow easy checking of the record.

    Anyway, carry on. I believe that you were telling us whom God supports?

    • Alas poor Greg. You are not only condescending, you are also lacking in a sense of humor. That is a brutal combination.

      I have told you this before and it bears repeating – we are bloggers. We deal in opinion. It is my opinion that Perez is too liberal and he is far too much of a union hack to properly represent the 69th A.D. You feel otherwise and that is YOUR OPINION. We simply are not going to agree on this.

      Now it is a fact that you and Vern are dealing in second-hand info as far as this Texas nonsense goes, but really it is immaterial. Martinez has been in Santa Ana a very long time. She grew up here and has deep roots here. Perez does not, period. He is new to this district and apparently he has been caught carpetbagging. This just makes him an even worse candidate for the 69th A.D.

      Finally, I was joking about the God bit. Ask Vern. We once had a nutty school board Trustee here in Santa Ana who said God was crying because he was mad at Santa Ana, or something to that effect. Vern will remember, but then Vern has been here in the OC for some time. You on the other hand have not. As such you remain fairly clueless about OC politics.

      Enjoy the microwave weenies at the rained out Perez BBQ.

      • What what what … SECOND HAND INFO?

        How come I know Michele so much better than YOU do, after only having spent a (very pleasant) hour with her? It’s not a matter of OPINION where she grew up, just like it’s not a matter of opinion that Julio has lived for over a year in this house where I’m typing.

        There are facts, opinions, and actual LIES. Or disprovable fantasies or whatever. And I have to say, Greg is approaching the wonder that is you, with as much humor as ANYBODY could muster.

        (Hey, I might be renting a room here. How would you like THEM manzanas?)

        • Because Vern I don’t stalk political candidates the way you liberals do.

          Now define growing up. I know she went to Willard and she went to at least two of our high schools. Did she spend her toddler years in Texas? If she barely remembers that, does it even count?

          We do know that Perez did NOT live in the district back in the day and that he has at best lived here for two years, although he appears to have been caught carpetbagging.

          And I would welcome you renting a room here in Santa Ana. That would legitimize your escapades in my town.

          • Stalk? I was hanging with my buddies Theo, Matt, and Alicia at the Santora Arts Building (remember them? they used to be your friends!) And Michele dropped by as she regularly does. We talked for a while, I played her some of her favorite Beatles tunes on the piano that used to be there, and then she gave me a ride to where I needed to go. That’s how I stalk politicians.

            I like her, but there are several big reasons I believe Julio would be a much better assemblyman. I’m gonna write more about his strong points than her weak points, and I’m mostly concerned with defeating Daly.

            • If you were concerned about beating Daly you would advise Perez to drop out and endorse Martinez. But it is too late for that now. Oh well. At least the unions will blow a huge wad on this race, for no reason.

          • Guy Fawkes

            I really don’t give a rat’s ass about the 69th AD since I live in Assemblymember Spanky’s domain. If you are going to put the stalker label on someone, look no further than a certain pale face, thin skinned blogger/”journalist” who lives in a gated area of Northwood known as the Canyon View area. This prolific stalker and harassment guru set the gold standard on stalking with his never ending obsession with Dr. No in 2010 and with other people in the local blogging world that we know. Even the most ruthless repossession agent could learn a thing or two from this character. As some of us MasterPlannedistan denizens know, Spanky was the bigger threat to our district given his love for RDAs and the Not So Great Park.

            To be honest with you, I don’t think Vern and Co. are capable of living up to the Northwood Night Stalker’s standards. I really don’t think they want to aspire to such heights or depths despite what you may think about their writings. Say what you want, Vern never stalked Dr. No.

      • Vern, ya got to laugh to keep from cryin’.

        Art, please, I’m begging you, listen to me:

        If you didn’t know that Michele had lived here for her entire life, then it was a mistake to say so. A mistake. I happened to know second-hand — from Vern, who heard it from her first-hand — that it wasn’t true.

        It’s not being true was no big deal. Your making a mistake — you should have said “for a long time” and “has deep roots,” as you finally did — was not really a big deal either.

        That you then spent much of a day trying to argue that having lived in Texas for a not insignificant amount of time (and not just as a toddler, if I recall Vern’s story correctly) was compatible with your assertion that she had lived there “her entire life,” though, is absolutely mind-blowing.

        We’re speaking a language here; some words and phrases are ambiguous, others are not. When you just decide that you don’t feel like using a word or phrase according to its meaning, it undermines everything you write. And you can’t just say that it’s an “opinion” that Michele has lived there “her whole life” when by any reasonable use of the phrase, she hasn’t.

        The problem here isn’t Michele, it’s whether anyone can believe a thing that you’re writing when it’s possible that you’ve just defined words to mean whatever the hell you want and then it’s like pulling teeth to get you to own up to it. It’s VERY WEIRD, Art.

        • You see Greg what you and Vern are doing is called a “red herring.” You are trying to make this about Michele but she is not the carpetbagger – your pal Julio Perez is and to date he still has not proven otherwise.

          Never mind some supposed toddler years allegedly spent in Texas – we KNOW that Perez did not live in the district until perhaps two years ago, but even then he listed an address that apparently he was not living in.

          But let’s put that all aside for now, even if Perez was not a carpetbagger he would STILL be a horrible overly liberal candidate. He ought to move to Los Angeles and run for office there. He would fit right in with the crazy liberals in that besieged city.

  6. What, in your “opinion,” do the following phrases mean:

    (1) “has barely lived in the district”?

    (2) “has lived here her entire life”?

    Oh — and do these meanings change when that becomes convenient?

    OK, enough time on you for today.

    • C’mon Greg. Focus on those microwave weenies that are waiting for you at Perez’ rained out BBQ!

      • Actually the hamburgers were very good. AND barbecued. The sad part about the rain and cold was having to stay in the warm house in close proximity to many very attractive Latinas.

        Clue to my upcoming writings – ENTERPRISE ZONES. That’s the difference between Julio and his two main opponents. Julio will end them, Tom and Michele will keep them. That’s why Disney and the Anaheim hotels and big businesses that operate in Santa Ana are backing Tom and attacking Julio.

        • I think someone spiked your burger. The reason businesses don’t support Perez is that he is a union hack who will reliably vote to increase taxes and will also pass measures that will benefit the unions while killing private sector jobs.

          The deal in Anaheim was a hotel tax giveaway to developers. It had nothing to do with the Enterprise Zone. It had everything to do with greedy developers getting a handout from a few lousy Council Members. The argument is that this is about job creation but the deal is unfair to other hotels that didn’t get a handout.

          • No, Art, I’m a few steps ahead of you on this. There IS the bed tax ripoff. And there is ALSO the abuse of hotel workers. On top of all that is the corporate welfare known as Enterprise Zones, in both Santa Ana AND Anaheim starting in February.

            One of Julio’s biggest issues is ending this corporate welfare which transfers tens of millions of dollars from the public to corporations like Disney that DO NOT NEED IT. That’s the biggest reason the hotel owners fear him, and love Daly. And sad to say, as much as we all love Michele, she’ll be just as bad as Daly on things like this.

            • No one is abusing hotel workers Vern. The ones at Disney belong to a union, as Perez knows. Disney takes good care of them actually and they recently agreed on a new contract, that of course took the wind out of Perez’ sails.

              If hotel workers aren’t happy they can always find another job.

              As for the Enterprise Zone, as I understand it companies get tax credits in return for hiring locals. In some cases those companies might go way without those credits. I really don’t care one way or the other but the real threat will be if Perez somehow gets elected, in which case you bet he will be yet another Democratic tax and spender.

          • Well, if you do want to know a lot more about Enterprise Zones, which I think you should, check out the OJ in a day or two. you know where to find us!


  7. Huff. Dovinh. Daigle. Odd assortment of RINOs and DINOs you’re throwing free ads to over here.

    It WOULD be nice if someone had a chance against Mansoor.

  8. Vern,

    In light of Art’s Humpty-Dumptian use of language, make him define “abusing hotel workers.” He may think, like Dick Cheney and John Yoo did, that if it doesn’t cause organ failure it doesn’t count.

    • Greg I spent some time working in safety at Disney, in the hotels. I can personally attest to the fact that they are very well cared for. They clean less rooms than the industry standard, per day, are give lots of safety training and tools, such as the bed wedge and telescoping rods with micro-fiber attachments for cleaning high surfaces and the showers, to help them do their jobs with less ergonomic strain. And they get a decent wage and very good benefits. Plus they get to go to the resorts for free with their families.

      The fact Greg is that once the hotel workers’ union settled with Disney, your pal Perez was screwed as he no longer had that as a campaign issue. Game, set, match.