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Home 2012 Elections Is Tom Daly finally fixing up his 2 million dollar folly?

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Is Tom Daly finally fixing up his 2 million dollar folly?

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It appears that Orange Cunty Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly is busy remodeling the money-eating building he bought, with public money, almost four years ago. From what we can tell it might be a move to have something to show for more than 10 lackluster years as the O.C. Clerk-Recorder. Or perhaps it is an art gallery of some sort, based on some of the art already donated and on display on the building’s windows. Or this could be just another complete waste of money!

The real question is how much is this costing the tax payers and are the Orange County Supervisors monitoring the situation here?  According to a report by O.C. Public Works it was going to take $5.6 million to remodel this building to make it usable for storage of ar­chive materials. This prompted calls from the Board of Supervisors for the now embattled and non-credible CEO Tom Mauk to make sure this was a good buy. At the end of the day Mauk said that the building was an asset for the county. Read the full memo here.

What we do know is that we can’t believe anything Mauk says – especially after his horri­ble handling of the Bustamante fiasco. He picked Bustamante over protecting county employ­ees and I’m sure that he also had Daly’s back when he presented his findings on the con­dition of that building.


Based on the photos above this post, would you buy this property? Was this a little back scratching from one Tom to another Tom for a loan from the Clerk-Recorder’s 12d fund to help cover the county’s payroll?  The loan was made in April of 2008. If you really care to see, do a public records request for all transfers from the 12d fund and you will see a nice transfer of funds from the County’s 059 fund to the County’s general fund in April of 2008.

Now that Tommy thinks he is a big boy and he is ready to move on and play with the big boys in Sacramento, it is time to start asking him to justify his money-wasting ways to all tax payers, especially to the Republican votes he seems so eager to get. It is time for the Board of Supervisors and the media to start ask­ing some hard questions. He is running as a moderate Democrat when it is very clear that he isn’t moderate at all when it comes to his spending of taxpayer’s dollars. With moderates like Tom Daly who needs liberals? In what shape or form can he call himself a moderate?

From the looks of his office and the stacks of papers piling up, not too many decisions are be­ing made from his desk. It looks like he has been ready to leave from day one. On his campaign he always touts his achievements in Anaheim. Wake up Tom!!! That was a long time ago and you haven’t been a player in a very long time. He claims to have single-handedly built the Anaheim Resort. Why stop there?  Maybe he also invented the Internet?  But Al Gore did that, remember?

At the end of the day, we know that someone lied about the building that Daly bought. As the photos prove, it was a disaster of a purchase and a total waste of tax payer’s dollars. The ques­tion is who will stop him from wasting more money at $99,999 at a time to avoid Board scru­tiny, or will the Board be asleep at the wheel again?  Is someone on the Board going to take the short walk to 433 Civic Center Drive and see what the heck is going on over there? Or will this fake “moderate” escape scrutiny and be allowed to go to Sacramento to waste other people’s money on a much grander scale?

Note: This post was based on an anonymous email we received yesterday.

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5 Responses

  1. A mostly interesting story, Art. (The last three paragraphs aren’t to my taste, but whoever sent you the story must have known what to expect.)

    Could you remind us of who sold the building to the County for $2MM?

  2. E

    What does this guy think? That a little paint and carpet is going to fix it all? Isn’t the county supposed to take bids for the remodeling work? And how much is this costing the tax payers?

  3. kenlaysnotdead

    So I am left to decide:

    -Julio Perez: Blows off $10K in credit card debt to the point of being sued.

    -Michele Martinez: BK’s and loses her house.

    - Tom Daly: Blows $2 million of other peoples money on a “fixer” and then begins dumping Thousands more good dollars (after bad) into the horrible decision.

    Can we say judgement problem in the 69th.

    • Well, these are tough times. I know that Michele did the best she could but she had an awful upside down loan. I don’t know how Perez racked up that debt as a single man. But Daly is the worst – he blew OUR money, and he is still doing that…