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Hey Spitzer, why not let us vote to build an Airport instead?

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Todd Spitzer, bull horn

Anyone want to build an Airport instead?

You have to love Supervisor Todd Spitzer.  He is the one who made it possible for Irvine to annex the Great Park – and now that he regrets that he is thinking of putting the whole mess to a vote again.

“If Irvine can’t make progress on the park in the next year or so, Spitzer said, he will seek to put another initiative on the ballot to ask voters whether the county should take over the project,” according to the O.C. Register.

Hey Spitzer – why not let us vote for an Airport again?  Maybe this time the voters, who clearly got burned by Irvine Council Members Beth Krom and Larry Agran, as over $200 million was wasted, largely on PR for the Great Park, will vote instead for an idea that will boost Orange County’s economy?

Irvine is already home to many global corporations.  Why not put a new Airport in their backyard?  It won’t hurt property values – just look at John Wayne Airport.  The land in adjacent Newport Beach is worth a mint!

So forget letting the County be the next bureaucracy to mismanage the Great Park.  Let’s put this on the ballot and let the voters choose the Airport option, which will mean jobs, jobs and more jobs!

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6 Responses

  1. OC Insider

    A Board of Supervisors majority can vote to put a Measure on the ballot, so Mr. Spitzer can propose it (this would be the fourth, I believe) on the use of El Toro.

    After a decade of malfeasance on the part of Larry Agran and Beth Krom, the rest of the County might just want one more try at the reuse of this once Federal property for the overall good of the entire County and not just as an indulgence to the city of Irvine. You’re correct that it’s about jobs and jobs — and the millions in commerce that would flow through the County and raise property values in the area.

    Irvine’s had their opportunity, and plenty of someone else’s money to execute its plan. Its residents had chance after chance to do something about the cheating and cronyism at the Park, but chose variations of the same team every two years. The results are obvious — $220 million per Spitzer down a hole with virtually nothing to show for it.

    Going forward, while their intentions are sound, the Irvine Council majority has NO MONEY to build out the Park, so it should be up to the County to extract them from the mess their citizens and elected “leaders” created.

  2. Screech

    And we’d be able to get a flight out of OC at competitive fares.

    As you know it costs at least $120 extra to fly from JWA over LAX, mostly because JWA is small and crowded. Hard to get arrival slots there.

    If they could fly as many flights out of El Toro International as could be sold the fares would be competitive with LAX. Maybe lower.

  3. Driver

    In case you don’t remember, the controversy of converting the El Toro base into an international airport dominated OC politics for over 15 years. OC voters resoundingly voted NO to the airport then, and they will continue to vote NO in the future.

    • We remember very well. You’re not remembering there were at least two (Kogerman says three) ballot measures prior to Measure W which were pro-airport. The south county NIMBYs spent a lot of money to keep sending this decision to every next election — that included a lot of Irvine money spent with Forde & Mollrich.

  4. The land bordering John Wayne airport is disgusting. It’s surrounded by a sea of parking lots and dead zones. Let’s not assume that your readers are idiots. Being next to an airport is about as seductive a sell as being near a police station or a wastewater treatment plant, or a jail.

    You’re talking about $200 million wasted which is corruption at it’s worst. But it was never county money that Irvine wasted. It’s Irvine unfortunately wasting it’s own residents’ money, in other words the money that the developers gave to Irvine in exchange for building homes.

    With high speed rail coming to California and LAX expansion, there’s no excuse to allow more traffic, more air pollution, and a region of 6 commercial airports (how many more do we need?), many of which are underutilized (like JWA) with El Toro being the most dangerous proposal surrounded by mountains and competing airspace.

    • High-speed rail is never coming to southern California, especially Anaheim and certainly not Irvine.

      Any expansion at LAX is of no value to Orange County. LAX is also operated by lawa.org, a miserably run Los Angeles city department. They’re successfully eliminating their own competition by pulling back support of Ontario Airport. They certainly do not have the OC’s interests in mind.

      JWA is not underutlized, but is constrained by local restrictions that have been legally imposed by the City of Newport Beach.

      Military aircraft, especially large transports, have used El Toro for years with no issues with mountains or competing air traffic. Air Force One has used the facility, therefore the government is not concerned re. the President’s safety.