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GOP Dinosaur Keith Curry in AD74 Race

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AD74′s Better Candidate:  Emanuel Patrascu

OC Political, our neighbor blog that’s the best mouthpiece the OC GOP ever had, went all gaga yesterday with the announcement of Newport Beach Mayor Keith Curry’s candidacy for Assembly: BREAKING NEWS: Keith Curry Jumps Into AD 74 Race (even though the Nooner had it hours before.)  The Daily Pilot reported it as wellAD74 incumbent Allen Mansoor is not seeking a third term, and will challenge BOE Member Michelle Steel for the better-paid and more influential 2nd District County Supervisor slot.

Curry, a long-time Newport Beach Council member, is also an active Lincoln Club member — we wonder how enthusiastically he supported their well-publicized but off-target Immigration Scheme that had absolutely no chance of working.  He was also a strong supporter of Meg Whitman’s disastrous run for Governor in 2010.

The Mayor also has a few other issues floating in his punch bowl:

  • Curry was the instigator for banning fire rings at Corona Del Mar beach and near the Newport Pier.  This non-issue blew up, collected some fairly negative publicity for him and then creeped into Huntington Beach when the omnipotent AQMD got hold of it.  Clearly it was first proposed by him to keep the unwashed away from some very expensive waterfront properties in Orange County’s wealthiest city.  Newport will be losing over half of their wood-burning fire rings, with others converted to natural gas (no word on who pays for the fuel).
  • Curry was a strong defender of the outrageous costs involved with building a new City Hall for Newport Beach.  There wasn’t much of an argument that the City needed a larger, more modern building (even though city staff has been reduced), but they ended up with a Taj Mahal that has no more office space than the old building for nearly $120 million.  The work is funded by a bond issue which further increases its cost.
  • Curry strongly supported the City’s Dock Tax, so let’s not believe any future pronouncements from his campaign about what a tax fighter he’s been.

These are not the actions of a conservative Republican either, but just another moderate of which we’ve had our fill.

Keith Curry is a generally likable and respected official, and obviously well-experienced in municipal finance.  But it’s time for someone in the Assembly who would NOT vote and govern like the comatose former Assemblyman Jim Silva who once represented part of this District.  The era of old pol, go along-get along Republicans in Orange County is over.  There’s no fight left in these guys. 

The right candidate is Assemblyman Travis Allen’s District Director Emanuel Patrascu.  Emanuel was Allen’s Campaign Manager in 2010, and engineered an 11-point landslide win for this political newcomer against a well-financed, heavily-endorsed GOP slug from Los Alamitos.  He leads the Orange County Young Republicans and is well-suited for this job.

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2 Responses

  1. According to the Chines calendar the 2014 is the year of the Dinosaurs.

  2. I like Emanuel Patrascu. That said, I have no horse in this race (being on the blue team). So, I was looking at the race as MAYOR Matt Harper .v. Emanuel Patrascu.

    In the AD we had Harper, who had tossed his hat in the ring in the last round (for Travis’ AD), but had bailed out with a load of debt (which magically seemed to disappear, word has it a slug (your term) from Los Al may have had something to do with that) after a well connected (with tons of endorsements) candidate who also had MAYOR before his name decided not to be a Congressman, but to be in the Assembly instead, running against Patrascu who was the political point man for a political neophyte that crushed a Los Al slug with tons of political endorsements and a wad of personal cash.

    Now if endorsements meant anything to people actually voting, then Travis should have lost his AD race. So, political connectivity doesn’t have a great deal to do with winning a race. If having MAYOR before your name had any heft, Allen would have lost as well. It may sway a low information voter, but for the most part it’s conventional truthiness that the title adds any real weight.

    What does have a great deal of heft is what can be flung, mud wise, against the name of the candidate, and what will stick. And in this I was giving Emanuel Patrascu a bit of an edge. The other part is cash. Here both candidates came to the table without the deep pockets of many. That means their ability to fund raise will be a key determining factor. Here we have a bit of a problem. See Atlas PAC backed Travis. That tends to mean that there is a relationship between the two organizations (Travis and the PAC) that could be leveraged… but at the same time Harper is “friends” with the PAC. So, this is one of those times where the PAC may be torn, and that does neither candidate any good. Thus I was calling the cash battle at this point a draw.

    That gives Emanuel Patrascu a mild edge UNTIL this announcement. This announcement reshuffles the deck (or the deck chairs on the Titanic as the case may be). Now it is about cash on hand. Now we already know what Harper does when a MAYOR Big Bucks shows up at the party, so the odds that he will continue this quixotic quest for an Assembly seat dims based on his past behavior. So, can an underfunded Emanuel Patrascu take on a well funded MAYOR Big Bucks? And here there is a big question. One of the key things that Travis had up his sleeve was that when he needed to he was able to dip into his personal wealth to fund his commitment to match his opponent. That leveled the playing field dramatically. It also didn’t hurt him that his opponent was deeply unpopular within the communities that knew him best (when you can’t win your own precinct when you are running against a virtual unknown, you have bigger issues than just the challenger). .

    So, I don’t think that this has the earmarks of a replay of the Travis Allen campaign.