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FVRA President John Briscoe runs for CRA Presidency

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Fountain Valley Republican Assembly President John Briscoe has announced for the April election that will choose a new California Republican Assembly President.  CPA Briscoe runs one of the more active CRA Chapters in Orange County.  CRA endorsements can be valuable for Republicans in certain campaigns.

The CRA bills itself as the conservative “conscience of the Republican Party” per a quote from President Reagan.  Like the State GOP, it’s in need of a shot of politicized adrenaline.  It’s been somewhat moribund and less politically persuasive under it current leadership and certainly hasn’t been helped by coverage like this from the HuffPo of its current President: Celeste Greig Rape Remarks Prompt Petition Calling For Resignation Of Top California Republican.  Briscoe will know better than to venture into this sort of nonsense.

Here’s his email announcement kicking off his campaign:


I am prepared to lead the CRA back to being a credible and even premiere conservative California Republican organization. I will lead this effort by growing the membership. I have a long history of growing organizations.

John Briscoe For CRA President 2013

John W Briscoe for CRA President


My Fellow CRA Leaders,

In the beginning, CRA was the only mechanism that existed for endorsement of Republican candidates. The CRA has lost its clout among Republicans as our membership has dropped and the media, in an effort to negate our conservative influence, has taken advantage of our own media missteps to attempt to marginalize us.

I am prepared to lead the CRA back to being a credible and even premiere conservative California Republican organization. I will lead this effort by growing the membership. I have a long history of growing organizations.

My volunteerism started with the College Republicans, where I became Precinct Chair and ultimately President at San Diego State during the 60’s, not an easy time to recruit college students to the Republican Party. During my term as President we grew my chapter and it was named “Outstanding Chapter” for the entire Western United States. From there I was elected to positions in the state organization and eventually became Regional Director of the College Republican National Committee.

Once my career as a small businessman and my family were established, I joined the Fountain Valley Junior Chamber of Commerce. In my term as President that chapter tripled in size and was named “Best Chapter” in California. I was delighted by being named an honorary life member.
Upon joining the Fountain Valley CRA, I found it to be essentially a “paper chapter” with nine members. Now, nearly 3 years later, it is a respectable 35 members, with the distinguished record of electing a member in 2010 to FVUSD Board (now School Board President), and two members to FV City Council, defeating incumbents (now Mayor And Mayor Pro-tem). In 2012, we re-elected another member to FV City Council (keeping a conservative majority), and elected another conservative to the FVUSD Board.

It is important to know how I plan to grow the membership. Our statewide membership has declined alarmingly in the last two years. This trend needs to be reversed, immediately. I plan to train local officers so that they may become even more effective and so the units will retain the members they have and recruit new members. This training will be recorded for the use of future officers and those unable to attend.

We could do a better job of reaching out to younger conservatives. We need their enthusiasm and new ideas to help grow our units.

In any campaign, your decision should be based on the candidate’s past performance, his vision and expectations for the future, and his plans to achieve those expectations. I have a strong past and recent history of growing organizations. My vision for an increasingly effective CRA is clear. I have many plans, some of which I have outlined here, and some of which I will be presenting to you with more specifics in the upcoming weeks.

It is time for a change.
New ideas, New leadership:  EXPECT MORE!

Find out more and join my campaign on FaceBook

P.S. This is the latest installment in my fabulously positive campaign for CRA president. I am enjoying talking to all of you and look forward to talking to more of you soon.

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