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Did the County of Orange dumb down the qualifications for Clerk-Recorder?

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Photo Courtesy of the FFFF Blog

Photo Courtesy of the FFFF Blog

If you have a look at the employment section of the County of Orange website you will find the listing for “County Clerk-Recorder.”  The job is still open, having been vacated by the incumbent, Tom Daly, when he was elected in November to serve as the Assemblyman in the 69th Assembly District.

Now you might think that you would have to be quite qualified to serve in this position but then you would be wrong, because as it turns out the only qualifications noted for this position are “The selected candidate must be a U.S. citizen, resident of the County of Orange and registered to vote. ”

That’s it!  Most anyone can apply for this job, which pays $11,627.20 monthly.  Pretty good coin!

The obvious question is why did the Orange County Board of Supervisors dumb down the job requirements for County Clerk-Recorder, to such an extent?  Were they trying to pave the way for a political appointment, such as former state legislators Chris Norby or Dick Ackerman (pictured above)? 

The O.C. Supervisors should be lauded for making the job selection process more transparent, but you would think they would put a little more thought into the job qualifications for County Clerk-Recorder.

The job is actually quite complex.  The job responsibilities include:

The elected County Clerk-Recorder is responsible for creating the mission and long-term vision of the County Clerk-Recorder department based on effective responsiveness to the public and/or other client needs; establishes policies and determines priorities; directs the allocation of resources to achieve timely outcome and measurable goals with budget guidelines; and performs related duties as needed.

  • Shall take charge of and safely keep, or dispose of pursuant to law, all books, papers, and records which are filed or deposited in his office pursuant to law.
  • Shall keep copies of all regulations, repeals and codes; shall keep a complete copy of the California Administrative Code and the California Administrative Register; shall maintain the codes.
  • The county clerk shall keep an official seal of the office for use when performing official duties other than ex officio duties which shall, when embossed, stamped, impressed or affixed to a certification, show legibly.
  • The county clerk shall distribute to persons applying for a marriage license a list of family planning and birth control clinics located in the county, which shall be prepared by the county health officer.
  • Unless another provision of law requires a longer retention period, the county clerk may destroy or otherwise dispose of any paper or document filed with or submitted to him or her more than one year previously, if he or she determines that there is no need for its retention.
  • The County Clerk shall charge and collect the fees fixed in this article for service performed by the clerk, when not otherwise provided by law.
  • The recorder shall, upon payment of proper fees and taxes, accept for recordation any instrument, paper, or notice that is authorized or required by statute or court order to be recorded, if the instrument, paper, or notice contains sufficient information to be indexed as provided by statute, meets recording requirements of state statutes and local ordinances, and is photographically reproducible. The county recorder shall not refuse to record any instrument, paper, or notice that is authorized or required by statute or court order to be recorded on the basis of its lack of legal sufficiency.
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