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Home Aliso Viejo Council Members using FB to promote their loony $22M AV Ranch development plan

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Council Members using FB to promote their loony $22M AV Ranch development plan

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Aliso Viejo Ranch

Operated by the City of Aliso Viejo, the Aliso Viejo Ranch is a rustic ranch situated on seven acres at 100 Park Ave. The ranch is a historocally significant site depicting dry farming and ranching in the community, according to the city’s website. It features a bunk house, barn and historic ranch equipment. While the ranch is not regularly open to the public, it does open for city-sponsored events.

But Aliso Viejo Council Members Phil Tsunoda and Carmen Cave can’t leave well enough alone.  They want to spend over $19M to build a Community Building, Full Gymnasium and a Multipurpose room – and guess who is paying for all of this?  That’s right – Aliso Viejo’s taxpayers, who have been screwed for years by Cave and company with one assessment after another.  This continues even after previous community developments have repeatedly lost money and the city has had to spend thousands more to repair them.

Cave and company have even launched a Facebook page, called “Aliso Viejo Ranch Site” to spin their reasons why taxpayers should be on the hook for this latest pipe dream.  And they have put their plans online too, but if you read them you will find this nugget, as to how they plan to pay for this development:

Use a combination of City Reserves, Community Enhancement Funds and debt to pay for the whole Project of $19.8 million in two phases

Are these people crazy?  In the middle of a ruined economy they want to spend city reserves on yet another project that probably won’t pay for itself?  According to the new Inform Aliso Viejo Facebook Page, the proposed Aliso Viejo Ranch project will drop city reserves below $15 million from $27 million.  That is just plain nuts!  Yet the Cave cabal has the nerve to call this prudent?

They plan to have the Boys and Girls Club manage this community center.  Well that is nice but none of this sounds like something that Aliso Viejo’s taxpayers should be on the hook for.

Don’t forget that Cave was fired as the City of Menifee’s community development director. Yet here she is continuing her old ways, at the expense of her constituents.  Well hopefully they will one day fire her too when she next comes up for re-election.

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4 Responses

  1. No More Debt

    This is amazing! Carmen Cave states for the record that spending $19M of the city’s funds, which by coincidence equal approximately $19M is fiscally responsible! What??? She wants to commit every dime the city had to building a Boys and Girls Club? I don’t care how you slice it…spending every dollar the city has means that we will see a tax increase in the near future. How is this fiscally responsible? Don’t spend our funds! Don’t bring on more debt! Get rid of Cave now, before she can do more damage!

  2. Pipe Down Munzing

    Don’t be confused by Councilman Munzing’s ridiculous stunts. Just read the financial report. This is far too large an expenditure, and the city does not have to take on debt simply to give Cave and Tsunoda a campaign achievement. Reasonable people can see this is a problem. No more debt!

  3. Don't Trust 'em

    Tsunoda and Cave seem hell-bent on spending the taxpayer’s money. I guess that’s what they both learned in their professional lives.


    Too many questions still to know if this is the right thing for the community.

    Boys and Girls Club exclusive? – What would happen to the existing facility in the Iglesias community, an area that really needs it. It sounds like there was a threat to close it if this one didn’t get approved.

    Time available to other community members? – questioned on their Facebook page – told usage when Boys and Girls Club not using. What hours would that be.

    Traffic solutions? – middle school kids aren’t as likely to go to after school programs – if younger kids attend, it would actually increase traffic for those going to pick them up.

    Reserve drain? – Is it wise to not leave money for emergencies or fire or police.

    Cost to Aliso Residents – Would taxes be raised? This has to be voted on – I don’t think that is an easy task.

    Profit? – Would there ever be one? How long before it is realized? The current City facility was just noted as losing money and the thought of raising costs to users to cover was the solution. How much more of a cost to residents.

    Community Rooms for Events – Again, current facility isn’t making money, what makes them think this facility is going to be any different. There isn’t a view or draw.

    How will it affect the historical aspect of the area?