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California Treasurer admits that our state is a ticking time bomb

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Democrats ruin California

Scott Lay, the Publisher of the Nooner, a California Political Newsletter, has highlighted comments made at a recent speech in Thousand Oaks by the California State Treasurer, Bill Lockyer, who is openly sounding the alarm about the mess his fellow Democrats have made of our state, as reported by the VC Star.

Lockyer said that “California is a ticking time bomb of issues that must be resolved in order to secure the economic and social future of the state.”  Lockyer was addressing a group of Ventura County residents attending Supervisor Linda Parks’ quarterly dinner series Thursday in Thousand Oaks.

Lockyer also said that “The teacher retirement system, in 30 years, implodes. If it doesn’t get fixed, there won’t be a teacher retirement system in 30 years. We are currently $5 billion a year short of what we have to do just to keep it solvent.”

Lockyer will be retired soon which is a shame as he has been a moderate voice in Sacramento over the past few years.  One can only hope that his fellow Democrats will either a) lose control of the state legislature, or b) start electing more moderate legislators who won’t be so quick to sell our state out to the public employee labor unions.

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  1. The global warming/cooling and climate change is good for humanity!

    Only the world’s flood can cleanse this world from the iLeft and the moron mongoloids who are voting them into the office.