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Home 2012 Elections Brandman will restore the Anaheim hotel tax giveaway, after court stops it

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Brandman will restore the Anaheim hotel tax giveaway, after court stops it

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Jordan Brandman and Disneyland’s President

As we reported earlier today, a split vote on a tax subsidy worth up to $158 million to build two luxury hotels near Disneyland has been voided, leaving the future of the development plans in doubt. Orange County Superior Court Judge Steven Perk ruled Monday that the City Council’s 3-2 vote last January approving the tax subsidy was a violation of California’s open-meeting law, known as the Brown Act, according to the O.C. Register.  Click here to read the Save Anaheim blog’s take on this.

I doubt the Anaheim City Council will appeal this ruling.  Instead they will bring it back for a new vote and hotel developer Bill O’Connell will get his money – rather the public’s money.  The key vote will be new Council Member Jordan Brandman, who was bought and sold by the resort hotels awhile ago.  He will predictably vote to give away the money again – and he will instantly become the most unpopular politician in Anaheim.

I hope Brandman does vote this way as it will seal his fate.  He will have to run again in four years and by then the city’s Latino voters will be far more organized and powerful.  They will give him the boot if he does this.

Brandman will also make U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez look like an idiot as she ran around town supporting Brandman during the general election.  She better have a talk with him and soon because this is going to backfire on her too.

Shame on O’Connell.  If his project was worth building he would be able to fund it himself.  You would think the City of Anaheim would learn its lesson after the Garden Walk project turned out to be an epic fail!

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3 Responses

  1. Dave Davis

    You’re right. Brandman’s political career will last a short four years if he prostitutes himself and votes to give away this money. He’ll be forever tarred with this and will be finished in Orange County.

    I suspect the law suits are only on hold as well, awaiting the outcome of the Brown Act action. Will Brandman want his name coming up in court? Is he willing to take a big fall for his pal Pringle?

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  3. j. karish

    Wait 4 Years? Where’s E.T. Snell (honk, honk) and his recall petitions?