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Bizarre elections shaping up in the races for O.C. Clerk-Recorder and Public Administrator

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Ken and Monica Lopez Maddox

To understand why Monica Lopez-Maddox filed to run for the Orange County Clerk-Recorder you just have to look at the picture atop this post.  The guy hogging the picture is her hubby, Ken Maddox-Lopez.  Just as he is front and center in that picture, he is surely pulling Monica’s strings as he throws her into a campaign she is utterly unqualified and unprepared for.

Now why would Ken do this?  Well he has had an interesting career in politics but as far as I can tell he just loves getting paid by the government.  What better scheme than to get his wife an elected job, with a six-figure salary?  And all the while Ken is running for office too this year – he is a candidate for Public Administrator.

But this election becomes even more bizarre when you factor in the other challenger – Gary Pritchard, the lone Democrat in the race.  Gary is a Trustee at the Capistrano Unified School District.  You know how Gary got that seat?  He won it when Ken got recalled in 2010! How unpopular was Ken in that recall election?  Residents turned in 65,903 petition signatures!

So is Gary running now for O.C. Clerk-Recorder to stick it to Ken again by making sure his wife Monica loses?  I wouldn’t put it past that wily Democrat Pritchard!  But wait this gets even better!  Another Capo Trustee who won in that recall election, John Alpay, is running against Ken for Public Administrator.  Can you believe it?  Gary and John must be giving Ken flashbacks of his recall!

Lost in all this silliness is the fact that the incumbent Clerk-Recorder, Hugh Nguyen, has done a damn good job of cleaning up the mess that his lame predecessor, Tom Daly, made of the Clerk-Recorder’s office.  Nguyen had his 12D fund audited and to nobody’s surprise Daly blew millions and folks are still trying to account for all of his waste.  Daly hired his pal Jordan Brandman and overpaid him for a report copied form Wikipedia.  And Daly blew more millions buying a property that will never service anyone.

Why get rid of Nguyen, who has come up with good ideas such as extended Saturday service?  It makes no sense.

Ken Lopez Maddox and Monica Lopez Maddox

By the way don’t bother trying to find out much about Monica.  Google her and your search will come up empty, which tells you all you need to know about her and her campaign.

As for Ken he has come a long way from his days as a DARE cop in Garden Grove, when he used to do anti-drug puppet shows at local schools, from what I hear.  He ended up leaping from the Garden Grove City Council to the State Assembly, only to unsuccessfully challenge John Campbell for a State Senate seat.  Campbell whipped him and Ken then ran from Garden Grove, ending up in south OC.  His eventual  recall was embarrassing but this election should prove that we can still laugh at the guy.

Of course I bust up every time I see his silly contrived last name!  This guy used to cater to the Minutemen and now he is a Lopez?  LOL!  This should be a gigantic fail.  But the cream on top is that nutty Steve Rocco is also running for Public Administrator.  Pick your poison.  Rocco or Lopez-Maddox.  I figure Alpay should win in a landslide…

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29 Responses

  1. Jimmy

    All continuing up that ladder–Wards of the State !

  2. David Zenger

    “Nguyen had his 12D fund audited…”

    Oh, no he didn’t. That audit was instigated by me and Moorlach’s former Chief of Staff, Rick Francis via the County’s Audit oversight Committee.

    Nguyen was the beneficiary of a lot of investigative work by others; plus the fact that Renee Ramirez was too dumb and/or stubborn to distance herself from Jordan Brandman and the hideous money pit at 433 W. Civic Center.

    • I spoke to him way before he was appointed and the need for this audit was something he often mentioned. He couldn’t inititiate it himself as it had to be independent but I know it was a priority for him. Thanks however for a fine job on that David.

      • David Zenger

        Actually the Fund 12D problems had been around since Daly took office. Nobody would touch it because they were afraid of Daly and of course Daly was kicking back millions illegally to the General Fund. CEO Budget knew all about the scandal.

        • And so did Hugh. We all did! Our old friends at the FFFF blog used to rail about it regularly. Sad that the lame OC GOP gave Daly a free pass to the Assembly. He should have gone to jail.

  3. SOOC Voter

    Editor, what exactly is the 12D Fund? I have seen reference to it before.

    • It is money collected in a service fee charged to those who use the Clerk-Recorder’s services. The money is supposed to fund technological improvements.

  4. 2MuchPoliticalSleaze

    Well here’s an interesting tidbit. Lopez-Maddox ran with the endorsement of Aliso Viejo soon-to-be Mayor, Phil Tsunoda, who worked for Daly. Previous blog posts here included cries for an audit of the work Tsunoda did with Daly’s 12D Fund. What a tangled web we weave.

  5. OK, so Ken just happens to be the wrong kind of Republican for your taste. Seriously, he is no different from the rest of the conservatives in OC. All hyped on “limited government,” “local control,” OMG LOOK AT THE DEBT, commonsense solutions, and… Reagan.

    Face it Art, you are a Republican out of favor with the establishment. Ken Lopez aka Ken-Maddox Lopez makes an easy target.

    He is one of the Sarah-Palin-wannabe of OC Republicans.

    • That would come as a surprise to my fellow OC Libertarian Executive Committee members.

      I agree that Ken represents the worst members of his party.

      • Oh, I do not doubt that in the least. It is “OC Libertarian Executive Committee” after all.

        • As I see it we offer the best of both the red and blue parties. We’re socially progressive but fiscally conservative. And we support the Constitution. You really can’t say that about the mainstream GOP and the Democrats.

      • Speaking of

        Daly hired his pal Jordan Brandman and overpaid him for a report copied form Wikipedia.

        Who’s that national Libertarepublican with that passion for copying from Wikipedia. Rand Paul, of course.

        • He’s a registered Republican although he leans Libertarian.

          And Brandman was paid public money for his copying. Rand wrote some newspaper columns. Apples and oranges.

          • Yeah, solid Libertarepublican principles dictate that using stolen material is apples when used for personal gain directly and oranges when used indirectly.

            “David VItter cheated with hookers wearing adult diapers, whereas Bill Clinton did it with an interm”


  6. Carpetbagger

    The whole Lopez-Maddox thing reminds me of Santa Ana, where Jewish Lawyer Robert Oliver polled SO LOW for a city council seat, he pimped his school teacher wife, changed her name to Amezcua and sent another Hispanic to the dias.

    While the effects of the Santa Ana scam, remains to be seen, until we rid our elected officials of puppets, like Sharron Quirk-Silva, Angie Oliver, Ackerman and so so many others we are doomed.

    I can only assume, there will be another round of puppets, when the Amezcua finishes her diet and her Papi, La Eme bag man (and failed candidate himself) Alfredo, we’ll see her pushing out REAL community activists in favor of more Pinooccio’s

  7. Is there any learning point here?

  8. Cynthia Ward

    If you are speaking to Hugh can you please ask about rumors I have heard of them moving the Archives function to CSUF campus? I keep hoping it is a rumor to discredit him, or Shawn Nelson who is also supposedly behind it, because only a complete moron would think of it. I use those Archives to earn a living, the idea of trying to get to them during County office hours on the CSUF campus and their cluster*&^% parking system is more than my sanity can take. I had a phone number of Hugh, he had invited me to the office for an interview then I got swamped by life and not blogging as much right now, and of course now cannot find the contact when I need to ask him. This is just something from political enemies out to make him/Nelson look bad, right? Right?

    • vernnelson

      Cynthia, you KNOW I can hook you up with Hieu (the correct spelling, everybody.) I’ll text you his cell number right now. You forget who your daddy is or what?

  9. Cynthia Ward

    Never mind, I just saw the OC Register article I missed this morning. Damn. I cannot believe this is a real proposal. Are they kidding me???? $20 says neither Nelson or Nguyen has spent more than 15 minutes over there, just sitting in a corner watching to see who uses the archives and HOW they are used. So now to access public records I need to do battle with a grad student for a parking space mid-day on the most parking impacted campus in the area, then schlepp a case with laptop/scanner and working files across campus from God knows where I parked, and watch the whole collection become a white-cotton-glove locked-down museum? What part of Public Records Made Publicly Accessible is being missed here? Or is this about canning the three (highly trained, intelligent, informed) people who run the place (doing the work of 10) in order to brag to constituents in an election year that someone “saved pension costs by streamlining operations?”