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Another nut files to run for O.C. Clerk-Recorder

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Steve Rocco

OC Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen has done a great job repairing the mess that his predecessor, Tom Daly, left him.  Nguyen has had the department audited, he discovered how much money Daly blew and the extent of his cronyism.  And Nguyen has come up with innovative new ways to serve the public, including opening late on Valentine’s Day for folks who are smitten enough to want to get married that day.

So why are so many challengers running against Nguyen in the upcoming June Primary Election?  It is a real head scratcher.  The candidates now include Monica Lopez-Maddox, the wife of washed-up and recalled politician Ken Maddox; Gary Pritchard, a Democrat (like Daly); and now the nuttiest candidate of the bunch has pulled papers – Steve Rocco.

Rocco was elected once to the School Board in Orange when Republicans like Matt Cunningham voted for him instead of voting for his Latino opponent.  Rocco has since made one weird headline after another with his conspiracy theories.  His latest gambit was to try to recall Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido.  That effort went nowhere and so will this crazed campaign for OC Clerk-Recorder.

The one opponent who could garner a few votes is Pritchard but why would folks want to put another Democrat in the office after the mess that Daly made of it?

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4 Responses

  1. James

    Anyone that Cunningham is for people should look at with a magnifying glass.

  2. Screech


    Why do you say Nguyen has done a great job? What do you think he has done? Found out how much money has been mis-spent by is predecessor? Big deal.

    I haven’t seen any evidence that anything has changed over there at all.

    Nguyen is another insider, one of the elite who was appointed by his buddies on the 5th floor in a big show that lacked any real substance. No real change. He is running with the power of incumbency,

    If you want change don’t pick someone who already works at civic center, you won’t get change that way. You get more of the same. Just what we’ve had for 15 or 20 years.

    Daly used that office as a place to hang out until he got bored, he was well known enough (and has enough money) to be able to get elected by weak minded voters. He is well known enough to apparently get elected to any local office. That’s a pretty dangerous thing if you ask me.

    I wish the electorate were more discerning.

    • Yes that was a big deal. If the voters had known what Daly did perhaps he would have been defeated in 2012.

      Nguyen worked for the last good Clerk-Recorder, Gary Granville. He has brought a lot of new ideas to the department and he is not an insider by any means.

      Don’t worry about Daly by the way. I have been working on an opponent for him and she will be announcing in March. I believe she is going to beat the tar out of him!

      • Screech

        I think I agree with you, Gary Granville was the last good clerk recorder.

        As to Daly, he is an entrenched incumbent. I try like hell to avoid voting for incumbents. But there is often not a lot of good options. Well, almost never.

        But I haven’t see any actual evidence that Nguyen is just the greatest. What’s he doing about recorded document fraud?