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Aliso Viejo’s Cave and Tsunoda are messing with their residents again

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Aliso Viejo Council Member Carmen Cave

The Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center’s construction was funded through a special Mello-Roos tax on homeowners in the Glenwood development.  Though revenue topped $151,000, it wasn’t enough to cover more than $222,000 in expenses to run the Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center last year, according to the O.C. Register.

The Aliso Viejo Conference Center, another facility funded through the Glenwood tax district, made less money than expected last fiscal year, though it turned a profit, managers reported in October. The center’s revenue of $602,648 for fiscal 2012-13 more than covered the $253,412 in operating expenses.

The aquatic and conference centers together cost about $11 million to build, city documents show.

Who pushed for these centers?  Why that would be Aliso Viejo Councilwoman Carmen Cave of course.  And now she wants to push through an increase in the cost of cost of food and drinks at the Oasis Cafe to offset an increase in expenses for food.  Cave doesn’t care about keeping the city pool affordable for families…mainly because she doesn’t have a husband, kids, or much of an interest in her constituents.

Also this week, Aliso Viejo Mayor Phil Tsunoda is using city money to promote himself in an election year. The OC Register tried to corner him about his “Aliso Proud” campaign, which he claims for himself. He developed and launched it without input from the other council members, and invited students in to receive his stickers, printed at taxpayer expense.
In one final bit off odd news, The Aliso Viejo City Council recently voted on e-cigarettes.  Tsunoda, Cave and Munzing vote in favor, while the Capistrano Unified School District has banned them as “drug paraphernalia.” Apparently the School Board Trustees are none too pleased about Aliso Viejo’s position on this new and unregulated cigarettes.
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12 Responses

  1. iRun4AV

    Neither Cave nor Munzing have children. Obviously, they think chemicals and cancer is a myth. Mayor Tsunoda has begun running for reelection, have you asked why Ex-Mayor Garcia has been making some embarrassing speeches in public?

  2. MomforAV

    If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Munzing does have children.

  3. Money Mis-spent

    I read Tsunoda’s comments about the expenditure for his pet project. First he said no city funds were used, and then he said they were, but he didn’t know how much. So he is spending taxpayer’s money, and isn’t even sure how much, and he is keeping it from his constituents and his fellow councilmen. Is this legal?

  4. Think before you speak.

    How does Carmen Cave think her city can make up for a $71,000 deficit by raising the cost of food at the city pool? I guess economics aren’t as simple as she says.

  5. MomforAV

    I haven’t been to the pool since it opened. Not that it is a bad thing, I would just rather go to the beach, pack my own lunch and pay less in parking than it would cost for my family to use the pool.

  6. Change4Aliso

    Carmen Cave and Phil Tsunoda are running for re-election this Fall. With their activities and conduct, it should be obvious to even the casual observer that they have worn out their welcome. The voters of Aliso Viejo demand change once again! No to Cave. No to Phil. Let’s get out city back on track.

  7. Voters Against Tsunoda

    Does anyone believe that Phil Tsunoda has any interest in the voters in Aliso Viejo beyond how we can further his slimy political career? Let’s vote for a change in 2014.

  8. frustrated

    I know there is one person so far in the running for their spot on the Council. Is there anybody else willing to step up and run? It’s all good to say they need to be replaced but if their names are the only ones on the ballot, they win.